Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Friday, September 20, 2013

I lost my companion!

September 19, 2013

The MTC is fantastic. It usually winds up that we spend about 12 hours a day studying, 2 hours eating, and an hour going to bed and writing in our journal. Pretty dang exciting ehh? Seriously though, it´s so great here. I´ve made so many friends and I hope I can do the whole experience justice in 10 minutes.

Tuesday we had a phenomenal devotional by Pres. Schwitzer of the 70. He gave an amazing message about how the skills we learn on our mission will start us on the path for perfection.
Afterwards I lost my companion, he´d gone ahead with Elder Jin, and the other 7 of us stayed to the last looking for them. It was awful. I felt like a part of my soul was empty. I found him back at the classroom, hugged him tight, and told him never to do that again. I´ll never lose a companion ever.

Afterwards President Parrish gave an after devotional devotional, and he said that We work in this life so that we can be worthy of a Terrestrial World when we die, and thereby earn 1000 extra years to work for perfection. That was really cool.

Today was the 1st P day. We went to the Provo Temple. Anyway, pictures!

Elder Christensen

 Me and my Companion, Elder Sessions from Syracuse, Utah.

Our Classroom

Elder Sessions, Sister Anderson from New Zealand and Elder Poiwei from Brisbon, Australia

Elder Allen and Elder Paiwei

The Malay Book of Mormon is just a few weeks old!  

The church's name in Jawi Script!  Malay's original writing....

Our District, Wilson Blackwelder Allen Jin Anderson Paiwei Me Sessions and Coloma

heh heh heh

The Shire. A little grove in the middle of the classrooms. Very appropriate considering how spiritual it is here and the task we are called to do when we leave.  (Mom note: Lord of the Rings reference)

The guys

This awesome guy, Ronnie from Singapore, works in the cafeteria, made us ESPECIALLY authentic Malaysian Chicken curry today, bones 'n all.