Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, April 28, 2014

So much to say, and only one letter for it! Here we go!

This is what she said: 
Subject: Friendship
Thank you so much elder Christensen for your sharing. I feel so happy.
My kids and elders......
Glad to be your student and have you as my teacher and friend.
God bless you.
Evelyn Cheong

Wonderful family, missions are the greatest thing ever invented. You should all try it some time.
Anyway, more exciting stuff.  We had a lot of really cool things happen this week, the most prevalent being how Ingang has progressed. We taught her a couple different times this week, with different members attending, and she is hungry for more. She also decided to push her baptismal date back because she wants to be baptized with her family. We started teaching her two older daughters and their friend this last week as well, and the work overall is flying! 

We had two meetings with a less active named Jangu and his family, who live out in Kampung Bahagia (Village of Joy). The first one we dropped by and went to dinner with them at a fun little place called Wonderful, where we had dinner and ABC. I don't know what ABC stands for, but Elder Wayment used to call it Happiness in a Cup. The Second time, Elder Parker had a brilliant idea, loading the entirety of the last Conference onto his flash-drive (we have the legit copy that can play in English, Malay or Chinese in 1080p) and bringing it over. We watched some with them. While there, we also met their house-mate or something that lives upstairs in their house named Willie. He could read well, and took a B.O.M. and pamphlets. 

On top of that, on the way home Elder Parker was inspired to visit a less active I had not yet met named Kajup. When we did, we found that two of his non-member brothers had moved in next door, and we had a big mini-family night together that night. We hope to start teaching them this week.
We also had some crazy things happen. Elder Misa'alifua wasn't feeling well, so he took some de-worming medicine. I ended up staying home with him while Elder Baranov went on splits with the Marteeny's, one of our Senior Couples, and Elder Parker went with President Kong (Elder Kong's father). We hung out, watched Mormon Messages, and he practiced a Fiji Dance he wants the Zone to do for the upcoming Talent Show in the next Zone Conference (he is really stoked about it). We created a new tradition this week, Milkshake Monday. We make them at home. 

Also, this last Sunday, Sister Norlia, the Sunday School Teacher, asked me out of the blue to teach Sunday School. She and Elder Parker apparently needed to go do something with President Billy. The lesson went well though, it was on Moses and the Brass Serpent. Thanks for the Family night mother!
Anyway, the Zone Leaders have MLC this week, which means MAIL! I love you all!
The Gospel is so true, and I can testify that EXACT obedience brings EXACT Blessings and Miracles all around!
-Elder Christensen

In his handwritten letter this week he shared this:

An elder from Fiji gave an extremely powerful testimony.  This is his first transfer in the field, being trained by an Elder from my MTC group.  He spoke about Elder Rasmussen coming to do housing checks, and asking if his mattress was comfortable.  He thought of his family at home.  They were all sleeping on mats on a cement floor.  Through tears he said that the mattress in his apartment was the first he ever slept on.  He said it was comfortable. 

These sweet precious pictures are of Ingang's children, Sebastian, 15, laying down and Desmond, 10, in the wheelchair. Coy said Desmond is really sneaky, and Sebastian is fun.  He mentioned last week how grateful he was for his time in special needs mutual. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Actually you aren't in Malaysia, I don't know what that was.
This week has been a very fun one, and a great start to what is going to be a great area and zone to be in!
So, after Emailing last week, we had a big ol' get together with the Entire Zone who came up and stayed with us overnight for the Zone Meeting the next day. It was a really fun day. Elder Chan from Miri is down in Muka right now, so it was great to catch up with him. 
For P-day we all played Futsol and Ultimate Frisbee at this massive field not to far from our house, and ate at McDonald.  That night was a Family night at Ela's house, where she had apparently (and somehow successfully) made American tasting corn-on-the-cob (with chopsticks) and Doughnuts! Sugary Doughnuts! So good!
Tuesday was the Zone meeting itself. Elder Baranov is our Z.L. right now, and Elder Misa (his comp.) had only arrived the night before when we came in from Futsol. Elder Misa is a really great guy of Islander descent from California, with an unfinished tattoo of his people on his left arm. That night we had an Institute class held at Elder and Sister Beus's house. Apparently it's a weekly thing. We brought a less active named Rugger (Roo-jer) who we are hoping to help start thinking about a mission.
Wednesday the A.P.'s came it visit. It was really fun because Elder Plazier, the A.P. that stayed in our house and went with Baranov and Misa, was my Zone Leader in K.L. only a week before!
Saturday was filled with stuff at the church. We had an English class that we taught, leading right into a Baptism in the 1st branch, and a Chinese social right after. Siew Yong in the Chinese branch has already become a good friend of mine, and he's trying to teach me more Chinese right now.
Sunday we biked out to some development area not to far from the church and walked Randy, one of our other investigators right now, to the church. It was his first time and he said he felt happy while he was in there. Church itself was a great experience to finally have here, since last week was Conference.
Anyway, the biggest miracle (and what covers the rest of our week) was the people we get to teach! Right now our strongest investigator is a very dedicated woman named Ingang. (prounounced ing with out the sing, and long without the l). We have met with her a couple times already this week. She is the mother of 5 children, two of which are mentally handicapped. It is a blast to hang out with them. I am so grateful for my time in special needs mutual. Their names are Desmond and Sebastian. Desmond is 10 while Sebastian is 15. During one of our meetings, Ingang chose her own baptisimal date! May 3rd! We're panicking to teach her all she needs to know! Right now she and some of her family (excluding the Dad) usually make it to church on a Moto, but she is trying to get some of the other members to pitch in with her on a bus that will take them all easily. Elder Parker has told me that the area where she lives, Permai, is filled with potential and spiritual fire and should yield much fruit.
The members here are the best as well. All those that are not less active are actively finding people for us to teach, and are more than willing to go with us to lessons  I am happy to be here and loving live! The Gospel is more true than I can describe, and I just love sharing it!
-Love, Elder Christensen

P.S. Selamat Hari Paskah!
(Safe Day Easter)
Evelyn is getting baptized this weekend! 

This is to everyone from Seth:

I love Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ and He suffered for our sins. How would it be like to be Him? To suffer for all of our sins? I know Jesus died on the cross and I would do that, too. And how would it feel to get whipped and whipped? Jesus wanted to do that to suffer for our sins. Heavenly Father loved us so much that He sent His Son to us. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh man this last week has been fantastic!
To start, I'm picking up directly after I finished emailing last week.
We rushed off for Elder Moore's doctor appointment across town before heading to one of the single biggest and funnest missionary get-togethers of my mission! I was able to visit and catch up with so many amazing friends and make many more. Apparently we are currently the biggest Zone in the mission, with about 14 companionship's covering all of K.L. It was a blast, incoming pictures.
The definite highlight of the week though was the amazing Zone Conference the next day. All day included many amazing instructions from the A.P.'s and President Mains. I am so grateful to be here, where the Gospel is being spread in probably the single most complicated and dedicated effort in the world. Some exciting things did happen, but I wrote a lot more in my written letter.
After the conference we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. More pics coming from that as well.
Our last activity was afterwards when we all met back at the Stake Center and had a massive party of Ninja, Mafia, and general fun. It was ridiculous how fun it was, seriously.
Anyway, the next day was mostly taken in flying back. We contacted much better, stopping people almost every 10 feet after we started again! It was awesome!
Updates for this week! Evelyn took us out to Sushi King for dinner. We taught her Tithes and Fast offerings this last Sunday. She is so prepared, it's amazing. She moved her date back a week though so her best friends could come.
We had an interesting Experience this week as well. A former investigator we have been trying to get in contact with called us one morning and asked if we could come teach him that day. Of course we said we could. We ran over to 1Utama for that. His name was Nadeem, from Pakistan. We had a long lesson with him. He had been prepared for Baptism, but hadn't met with missionaries for almost 2 months. He had begun to fall apart. It was one of the most spiritually strong lessons of my mission, and we both knew his mind was enlighted, but he ultimately rejected it. We had to drop him for good. It was sad, but Elder Moore and I both had the feeling we had done our best.
On a happier note, Fast and Testimony meeting was wonderful! Sister Ho had asked us to come and help her move some cabinets on top of each other, and rewarded us with food. She shared some interesting insights from the previous Elders, Bodain and O'Bryant. They said that in all missionary work, the success is gained as soon as you open your mouth. Whether the people you talk to accept the Gospel or not is their agency, but you are successful for how you used yours.
Also, Jackie, Adrian, Evelyn, AND Armon all came! It was so good to see all the people we've done work with come to church.  We also ran out of Book of Mormon's this last week, handing out too many too fast. So we had other missionaries come to the church on Sunday and give us about 20 or so to stave us off. I carried them home in my suit!Love you all! Til Next week! Excited for General Conference!
We also ran out of Book of Mormon's this last week, handing out too many too fast. So we had other missionaries come to the church on Sunday and give us about 20 or so to stave us off. I carried them home in my suit!

I GOT TRANSFERED…. I am going to Sibu! Kong's branch! Back in East and speaking Malay again,  and LIFE IS GOOD!-Elder Christensen