Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, March 31, 2014

I hope I can live up to that expectation!

Dear Beautiful People

Life is so great, isn't it? 

I'm sitting here emailing you from the great country of Singapore! We flew in for Zone Conference this morning.
This week has been wonderful! The work is progressing and the Gospel is true. 
So last Monday the entire Bowling Arena was taken up in intense national Malaysian championships. We were unable to go bowling, but we did the next best thing! We wandered around KL Sentral forever! It really was very fun though.
Tuesday we had a shortened district meeting with less people then usual, but Elder Beckstrand gave an excellent training to us all. He and Elder Lalemont (a Frenchman from Canada) are our great District Leaders right now. The best part though was afterwards, when Elder Rassmussen, Elder Moore's Trainer, took us out to an all expense paid trip to Chili's! It was literally so good I almost cried. Not really. But Steak Quesadilla was a nice change from other foods.
Wednesday was the Birthday itself. I made Elder Moore breakfast. We went contacting for a majority of the day until that night when we had Bubba Gump Shrimp Comp. for dinner, as paid by his father! Also incredibly delicious!
Thursday was our weekly planning.  Other than appointments, we had nothing extremely exciting other than that.
People! Armon was taken off date this week. We had to tell him we would meet with him in a couple weeks because he needed to come to make his own decisions to keep the commitments. Something must have happened though, because he came for all three hours of church this week! He'd never done that before! It was an incredible faith building experience for me.
Evelyn is still amazing as usual. We weren't able to meet as much because she was feeling sick. But, she still made it to Sacrament and sent us an amazing text message last night.
Zach (the kid that took us to the night market) met with us again. We explained more about the Book of Mormon and he wanted to learn more. He's an interesting character, very philosophical and very well read in religions. Right up my Debate minded alley.
We met a new investigator this week named Vijiyn (VeeGeeIn). She was referred by Jasmine because Jasmine is her boss. She was a nice Hindu girl living out near Klang that we will have to teach slow, but she's excited. It was funny because she said Jasmine referred her because she hoped that "She would find a good man". I hope I can live up to that expectation!
Anyway, love you so much! Zone Conference this week, Frisbee on the Singapore beach today!

-Elder Christensen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This week has been crazy, but thankfully not nearly as crazy as last week. But here we go!
Monday was a pretty fun day. We went to Pasar Seni for our P-day activity, which is a really cool place and famous for how much you have to haggle. I spent the rest of the personal money I had saved from America on 2 T-shirts, a Sarong, and a Crys-Knife (which I'm sending home) all for under 90 Ringgit! It was a fun day. 
Tuesday was our Zone Meeting, which meant traveling to the deep dark depths of inner KL and MAIL! I got many lovely Dear Elders, but I guess the package will be waiting for me at Zone Conference at the end of this month! We had a great training by Elder Rasmussen on Priming the Pump in our Branches to get Member Missionary Work Flowing! This Zone is huge, and it's kinda depressing to not see everyone every day like in Miri.
Wednesday we organized our official Contacting operation, starting with the chosen area of Operation Tee Box (see picture). Contacting all day was fun, but our best contacting has always been on the public transport. It did give lots of time to talk though. Elder Moore is a great guy and it's been really fun being his friend. 
Thursday we had appointments with people, people later.
Friday and Saturday we had more appointments.
Sunday was very fun. Church was great with Niam and Arman and Evelyn all coming! We are basically teaching the Gospel Principles class, because we convert it into a investigator lesson with only the investigator and their friends in the Church. We came home and did studies and talked as that was all the time we had left. Sundays are wonderful anti-days of rest for us missionaries.
Anyway, People. Toby is doing alright. He is wanting to learn and progressing, but he sees what we teach as an education course more than a change of life style. It's cool though, because when we were teaching him his only comment was that what we teach isn't new to him, just more in depth. Broadens his horizons a little. Dunston came with us to teach him, and it went very well.
Evelyn is currently our strongest investigator. We met with her twice this week and she came to church. We taught and reviewed the Plan of Salvation, and last night we started getting texts from her with some great questions we could answer.
Arman is struggling a little bit, he has some problems understanding why exact obedience to all the commandments and not just some are important. He left Church early to go by a camera with his friend because he was convinced that he had no other time to.
Harry we weren't able to meet with, but we're trying to pass him off the to the Chinese Elders.
Other then that, this week has flown and been incredibly enjoyable!
-Elder Christensen

P.S. Today we're going to do Archery at Sunway Pyramid!

Monday, March 10, 2014

He volunteered to follow us to anything!

This week has been so amazingly packed I'll have to go by days.
MONDAY: After finishing an amazing email session with you guys we had a very fun time taking the train to Batu Caves. There's a lot of cool stuff there and it was a lot of fun, pictures also. The crazy part though was that night the Sullivans, an expat family in our branch had invited all the missionaries over for a dinner and family night. We all stopped by our apartment before heading over there, but traffic was so bad that we ended up being almost two hours late. We even saw a taxi rear-end someone right in front of us! The dinner was really good, actual baked potatoes and REAL CHEESE! You have no idea how good that was!
TUESDAY we had a fun district meeting at the senior couple's house in the morning. There's a lot of fun missionaries here, but we're not nearly as tight nit here as Miri was because we hardly ever see each other. We also met with an amazing investigator named Archie. He's a protestant who left Catholicism because he loves to sing Gospel music. We met with him and he became a new investigator, he had been contacted by the previous missionaries. He currently can't come to church because of his work though, which is only on weekends. That night we met with someone who was only known to us as 'The Mystery Woman' because she has randomly called us last week and wanted to meet somewhere. We came to know here name was Elsa and she had called us because she'd been talking to her friends when Mormons came up, and she had been contacted by them years before. She asked us to meet because she wanted to hear about Mormons from Mormons. She's an English professor from a nearby university.
WEDNESDAY We had an awesome miracle happen. We had accidentally taken the wrong bus which ended up taking us to KL Sentral. On the way a nice Chinese man had sat next to me who spoke Malay, and we ended up contacting him for the Chinese Elders. When we were there, my touch 'n go card was low and we were having trouble reloading it. I had to buy a ticket, and afterwards a man walked up to us and said he was a member from Pakistan who hadn't come to church for 4 years, since there is no church in Pakistan. He asked us to help him come while he was on holiday in K.L. and we said we would meet him come Sunday. 
THURSDAY was a very interesting day to say the least. 1. The City is currently smothered in smog right now. 2. We're in a drought. 3. A notice was put up in the Elevator that our water was going to be cut. Apparently this is a regular occurrence though. It's not really cut, just spotty sometimes. They say it will last until it rains here.
FRIDAY We had an awesome lesson with Evelyn, who is an investigator who has been fellowship-ed by two twin sisters who are her friends. We met with her again later though, so more coming.
SATURDAY we met with Toby again. He is an awesome man who is studying to enter the service of another Catholic church. He trusted us enough to tell us that he had some health problems that might force him to deport, and he asked us to pray for him to be able to stay and continue learning. The heat was rising and water was lowering, so we got some water storage and phone called for the rest of the day mostly.
SUNDAY was an awesome day I say! We met Niam and taught him before church. We found out that he is apparently trying to do missionary work (more ignorantly than unofficially) and that he said he was the 1st member in Pakistan before they took the missionaries from the country. Also, during church we met Dunsten Chi, a very friendly young man that is leaving to Taiwan on his mission at the end of the month! The branch held a social lunch thing for him, and

he volunteered to follow us to anything. Also we taught Arman after church. He wants to be baptized, but currently has some issues with Sabbath Day observance and Word of Wisdom though. We also met with Evelyn that night, which was awesome because all we did was talk to get to know each other better. She opened up and told us about her family and her search for truth, as she felt that our church was different somehow and she wanted her questions answered. THIS GOSPEL IS AMAZING!

Today we're going to Pasar Seni!
Love you!
-Elder Christensen
P.S. We get mail tomorrow!
In other letters:
Well, East Malaysia missionary work is to Mayberry what West Malaysia missionary work is to New York.
How is it speaking English?! SAD! I don't get to practice my Malay as much!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Subang Jaya!!

I don't know if I can possibly write a letter long enough to summarize this week.
HELLO WONDERFUL FAMILY! This week has been extremely busy and very wonderful in many ways, so here we go.
Tuesday Kong and I transferred to Subang Jaya together, which made the flight so much more fun. We flew into KL Sentral to meet the other missionaries. Elder Moore is a great guy from the foreign country of Bountiful Utah. He's served as an English Elder in Singapore and other places for 9 months so far. After that, the rest of the day was basically waiting around for other missionaries (Peiwai from my group is here!).  We contacted a French lady who speaks Spanish Teaching English in Thailand! At the Mall one day we met a White Aussie Buddhist! What the Heck?! The cultural hodge-podge here is amazing.
The biggest thing I can talk about though is that we have so many more contacting opportunities. We've been giving almost 2 Books of Mormon

out every day just at Bus Stops. 14 million people is sure enough for the Lord to prepare many to receive the Gospel.
We have a couple investigators from the previous Elders as well. Toby is from Nigeria, and during our first lesson he reported having dreams (much like Lehi). Arman is from Pakistan, and has a baptismal date for April 6th. Also Harry is from Mainland China. We met with him and his girlfriend, Suzy, last Saturday.
We have setup appointments with the others this week.
The Members here are fantastic as well. Last Saturday we left before studies to help President Kroskop move from one house to another, and to meet him and his family from Houston Texas. They paid us in cookies. We met with Isaac, the Sunday School Teacher, last Friday, he's from Ghana.  The picture of Elder Moore in the Train Station is with him. I feel really bad for Elder Moore though because he allergic to nuts, and therefore Curry.
Church was great as well. We had a fireside afterward that the previous Elders had volunteered us for, where Elder Moore had everyone stand up, place their hands on their hearts, and look at a light. He then said they could say they'd been uplifted, their hearts had been touched, and they had seen the light.
It has been a truly wonderful week though, where I have learned much about the true meaning of diligence.
Love you all! We went a little early because we are going to Batu Caves today for P-Day!! 
Love, Elder Christensen