Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This week has been crazy, but thankfully not nearly as crazy as last week. But here we go!
Monday was a pretty fun day. We went to Pasar Seni for our P-day activity, which is a really cool place and famous for how much you have to haggle. I spent the rest of the personal money I had saved from America on 2 T-shirts, a Sarong, and a Crys-Knife (which I'm sending home) all for under 90 Ringgit! It was a fun day. 
Tuesday was our Zone Meeting, which meant traveling to the deep dark depths of inner KL and MAIL! I got many lovely Dear Elders, but I guess the package will be waiting for me at Zone Conference at the end of this month! We had a great training by Elder Rasmussen on Priming the Pump in our Branches to get Member Missionary Work Flowing! This Zone is huge, and it's kinda depressing to not see everyone every day like in Miri.
Wednesday we organized our official Contacting operation, starting with the chosen area of Operation Tee Box (see picture). Contacting all day was fun, but our best contacting has always been on the public transport. It did give lots of time to talk though. Elder Moore is a great guy and it's been really fun being his friend. 
Thursday we had appointments with people, people later.
Friday and Saturday we had more appointments.
Sunday was very fun. Church was great with Niam and Arman and Evelyn all coming! We are basically teaching the Gospel Principles class, because we convert it into a investigator lesson with only the investigator and their friends in the Church. We came home and did studies and talked as that was all the time we had left. Sundays are wonderful anti-days of rest for us missionaries.
Anyway, People. Toby is doing alright. He is wanting to learn and progressing, but he sees what we teach as an education course more than a change of life style. It's cool though, because when we were teaching him his only comment was that what we teach isn't new to him, just more in depth. Broadens his horizons a little. Dunston came with us to teach him, and it went very well.
Evelyn is currently our strongest investigator. We met with her twice this week and she came to church. We taught and reviewed the Plan of Salvation, and last night we started getting texts from her with some great questions we could answer.
Arman is struggling a little bit, he has some problems understanding why exact obedience to all the commandments and not just some are important. He left Church early to go by a camera with his friend because he was convinced that he had no other time to.
Harry we weren't able to meet with, but we're trying to pass him off the to the Chinese Elders.
Other then that, this week has flown and been incredibly enjoyable!
-Elder Christensen

P.S. Today we're going to do Archery at Sunway Pyramid!

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