Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, March 10, 2014

He volunteered to follow us to anything!

This week has been so amazingly packed I'll have to go by days.
MONDAY: After finishing an amazing email session with you guys we had a very fun time taking the train to Batu Caves. There's a lot of cool stuff there and it was a lot of fun, pictures also. The crazy part though was that night the Sullivans, an expat family in our branch had invited all the missionaries over for a dinner and family night. We all stopped by our apartment before heading over there, but traffic was so bad that we ended up being almost two hours late. We even saw a taxi rear-end someone right in front of us! The dinner was really good, actual baked potatoes and REAL CHEESE! You have no idea how good that was!
TUESDAY we had a fun district meeting at the senior couple's house in the morning. There's a lot of fun missionaries here, but we're not nearly as tight nit here as Miri was because we hardly ever see each other. We also met with an amazing investigator named Archie. He's a protestant who left Catholicism because he loves to sing Gospel music. We met with him and he became a new investigator, he had been contacted by the previous missionaries. He currently can't come to church because of his work though, which is only on weekends. That night we met with someone who was only known to us as 'The Mystery Woman' because she has randomly called us last week and wanted to meet somewhere. We came to know here name was Elsa and she had called us because she'd been talking to her friends when Mormons came up, and she had been contacted by them years before. She asked us to meet because she wanted to hear about Mormons from Mormons. She's an English professor from a nearby university.
WEDNESDAY We had an awesome miracle happen. We had accidentally taken the wrong bus which ended up taking us to KL Sentral. On the way a nice Chinese man had sat next to me who spoke Malay, and we ended up contacting him for the Chinese Elders. When we were there, my touch 'n go card was low and we were having trouble reloading it. I had to buy a ticket, and afterwards a man walked up to us and said he was a member from Pakistan who hadn't come to church for 4 years, since there is no church in Pakistan. He asked us to help him come while he was on holiday in K.L. and we said we would meet him come Sunday. 
THURSDAY was a very interesting day to say the least. 1. The City is currently smothered in smog right now. 2. We're in a drought. 3. A notice was put up in the Elevator that our water was going to be cut. Apparently this is a regular occurrence though. It's not really cut, just spotty sometimes. They say it will last until it rains here.
FRIDAY We had an awesome lesson with Evelyn, who is an investigator who has been fellowship-ed by two twin sisters who are her friends. We met with her again later though, so more coming.
SATURDAY we met with Toby again. He is an awesome man who is studying to enter the service of another Catholic church. He trusted us enough to tell us that he had some health problems that might force him to deport, and he asked us to pray for him to be able to stay and continue learning. The heat was rising and water was lowering, so we got some water storage and phone called for the rest of the day mostly.
SUNDAY was an awesome day I say! We met Niam and taught him before church. We found out that he is apparently trying to do missionary work (more ignorantly than unofficially) and that he said he was the 1st member in Pakistan before they took the missionaries from the country. Also, during church we met Dunsten Chi, a very friendly young man that is leaving to Taiwan on his mission at the end of the month! The branch held a social lunch thing for him, and

he volunteered to follow us to anything. Also we taught Arman after church. He wants to be baptized, but currently has some issues with Sabbath Day observance and Word of Wisdom though. We also met with Evelyn that night, which was awesome because all we did was talk to get to know each other better. She opened up and told us about her family and her search for truth, as she felt that our church was different somehow and she wanted her questions answered. THIS GOSPEL IS AMAZING!

Today we're going to Pasar Seni!
Love you!
-Elder Christensen
P.S. We get mail tomorrow!
In other letters:
Well, East Malaysia missionary work is to Mayberry what West Malaysia missionary work is to New York.
How is it speaking English?! SAD! I don't get to practice my Malay as much!

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