Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Note from the Christensens:  Mckay's farewell will be June 21st at 10:15!!  We are planning to have a huge party the night before, June 20th, and call that his farewell party,and he will share his feelings then as well!  

Here's Coy's letter!

Hello everyone! Crazy week, lots of fun, and transfers today!

Three stories for you
Monday we had a very cool experience. The internet kedai was closed when we got there, so we ran to mail a letter home. That's an important plot point.
The rest of Monday was normal busy P-day stuff until we went to do our daily hour of happiness, our daily contacting hour. We decided on the address of a potential investigator to investigate, to find that the road didn't exist. We called the number to find that she had moved to K.L. indefinitely, so we started heading to a new dinner place Elder O'Bryant had noticed on the map.
En route, the bolt holding the teeth of my back tire fell off, so we started walking home (we weren't too far). Then Elder O'Bryant remembered a chicken-rice place he and Elder Harr had eaten at before. We stopped there, and I went to wash my bicycle grease covered hands. A kind Indian man sitting at a table went to his car and got a bar of soap for me that he randomly picked up at a hotel and gave it to me.
We ended up contacting him and his wife, both incredibly kind and solid people, very interested in the gospel. They are visiting K.L. for a couple weeks, but they promised to call us when they get back.

A lot of appointments fell through the week, but we have been feeling that we have been doing our best.
Saturday saw a couple more miracles. Elder O'Bryant felt impressed that we should call our District President, President Sulai. He was in the hospital for his appendix, and we were able to see how to help him.
Also, that night the Stampin sisters had a baptism. We didn't really have a reason to go, so we weren't planning on it. We felt impressed to go again, so we did. It was good to see the Stampin members again, but Elder O'Bryant met some investigators he had passed off to the international sisters before, a certain Hilary and Meghan. It was really good for them to meet again, and the sisters thought of it as a miracle.

Sunday also was great, as Jihap's family came to church again, even without him! He and Cecillia had gone to K.L. but the entire family still drove to church, with two brothers that we had not yet met. The branch welcomed them warmly, and they seemed to enjoy it.

I sent another memory card home this week, love you all so much!
-Elder Christensen

Coy will be working with a new companion, Elder Lundquist!

Monday, April 13, 2015

If you haven't heard, Mckay received his mission call to the Taiwan, Taichung mission! He enters the MTC June 24th, and he will be speaking Mandarin.:).  He will be in the MTC for 9 weeks, then he will fly to Taiwan August 26th.  Coy will arrive home…..wait for it….August 26th.  They will either miss each other by hours or see each other at the airport. The first is more likely.  AAAHHHHHH!

Here's Coy's letter.

Hello everyone! 

This week has been long and miraculous. A good combination in my book :-) Here are the best parts:

Tuesday Morning was our Zone Meeting. Elder O'Bryant and I had been discussing and preparing for weeks for our new zone vision: Our members baptize consistently because we love and serve them, we faithfully continue our own finding efforts, and we are anxiously engaged in bringing members and investigators together. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and we also introduced a zone standard of excellence; 80% percent of our investigators should be progressing.  To introduce how possible it was we played Mafia, as in the werewolf edition, where the villagers are wheat, the werewolves are tares, and the seers are members. It was incredibly fun and surprisingly deep and appropriate as an analogy. 

As we left Tuesday, we started exchanges with Samarahan. It was a great day out there with Elder Robins.  He and Elder Jacobs are both going home at the end of this transfer, but they're sticking it out until the end very well. They had a great progressing investigator who called and set up his own appointment named Hardy that we met with that night. Elder Robins is a great example of finding appreciation and excitement in everything, he taught me a lot about that just by being around him.

We had a lesson with the miracle family from a couple weeks ago, the one that Elders Allen and O-Bryant biked forever out to last week. Elder and Sister Slider were good enough to drive us out there. They are amazingly prepared and already very spiritual. The Father's name is Jihap, a Bidayuh man who married Maggie from Indonesia. He's been building his family's own house for the last 7 years for his ten kids, only 5 of which are still at home. His daughter Cecilia is living in K.L. and is an investigator there. She came to Kuching purely for the purpose of introducing her family to the missionaries. Caroline is a wonderful special needs girl who is always smiling. Lawren is the son that is still there, and then Rachel. Rachel seems to be the only one not ecstatic to meet us.
Anyway, they seem as prepared as Merang's family. They drove to the church on Sunday to attend conference. They enjoyed it immensely, and the members greeted them warmly and well.

Conference itself was amazing, I absolutely loved it. Later I'll write more in-depth letters, but some of the most significant lessons I've learned a lot over the last week have been in relation with who I was in the Spirit World, and who I am now. I've learned trunkiness only happens when we don't like the present and want it to be different, and if we were able to remember Heaven we would be all trunky for it. So many of the most significant ways that I've changed have been awakening the parts of me that have been suppressed or dormant since I left my Heavenly Father. It's been miraculous to see progression in that perspective.

I love you all so much! Hope you are happy and healthy, have a great week!

-Elder Christensen

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Well family, it's been highly unusual this week,  so that means a lot to say! Here we go!

After Monday's adventure, the Assistants flew in from Singapore to stay with us on exchanges for two days until we would all fly back for M.L.C later that week. It was great, I was with Elder Lundquist from Bountiful Utah for the time they were there. 
We had a great couple days together, we were able to meet Sis. Dari again and confirm that she had the car insurance that she needed to get to church (and she did come!). Also we had some other less actives attend this week which was a big miracle, especially since Elder O'Bryant and I were thinking we'll need to drop a lot of our investigators soon.

Elders O'Bryant and Allen had a much bigger adventure though, they biked out to a little place called Bau (the Malay word for 'smell' or colloquially 'smelly') where we had a person call us from the week before. His name was Jahib, the father of an investigator in West Malaysia, and told us he is looking for a church and wanted us to teach them. They went out there on Wednesday and went to far, biking over 2 hours until they were within 2 kilometers of the Indonesian border. They did find their way there though, and taught a large family that is extremely prepared, they are just far from church. It's interesting though, because apparently there are other members that have moved there and before there were people trying to start a group out there. Hmmmmmmm :-)

Thursday and Friday were flying to Singapore, having an amazing M.L.C., and flying back. M.L.C. was a very cool experience, besides the longest time I've ever been in the presence of President Mains. We discussed a lot of great things (my favorite that it's approved to go overtime on phone calls home :-) more on that in my written letter.

Then when we got home I became bed ridden. A day or two before I noticed pimple things, one under my thigh and another under my arm, when we got home they started hurting. Saturday we went to the Hospital with Elder and Sister Pryzbyla, confirmed some sort of bug bite, probably from Fairy cave, last couple days took medicine and rested easy (read from the book of Job), today going back to have the follow up and already feeling better (please don't worry mom, thank you for the prayers).

Love you so much! Zone meeting is tomorrow, so exciting, more updates later!

-Elder Christensen