Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Subang Jaya!!

I don't know if I can possibly write a letter long enough to summarize this week.
HELLO WONDERFUL FAMILY! This week has been extremely busy and very wonderful in many ways, so here we go.
Tuesday Kong and I transferred to Subang Jaya together, which made the flight so much more fun. We flew into KL Sentral to meet the other missionaries. Elder Moore is a great guy from the foreign country of Bountiful Utah. He's served as an English Elder in Singapore and other places for 9 months so far. After that, the rest of the day was basically waiting around for other missionaries (Peiwai from my group is here!).  We contacted a French lady who speaks Spanish Teaching English in Thailand! At the Mall one day we met a White Aussie Buddhist! What the Heck?! The cultural hodge-podge here is amazing.
The biggest thing I can talk about though is that we have so many more contacting opportunities. We've been giving almost 2 Books of Mormon

out every day just at Bus Stops. 14 million people is sure enough for the Lord to prepare many to receive the Gospel.
We have a couple investigators from the previous Elders as well. Toby is from Nigeria, and during our first lesson he reported having dreams (much like Lehi). Arman is from Pakistan, and has a baptismal date for April 6th. Also Harry is from Mainland China. We met with him and his girlfriend, Suzy, last Saturday.
We have setup appointments with the others this week.
The Members here are fantastic as well. Last Saturday we left before studies to help President Kroskop move from one house to another, and to meet him and his family from Houston Texas. They paid us in cookies. We met with Isaac, the Sunday School Teacher, last Friday, he's from Ghana.  The picture of Elder Moore in the Train Station is with him. I feel really bad for Elder Moore though because he allergic to nuts, and therefore Curry.
Church was great as well. We had a fireside afterward that the previous Elders had volunteered us for, where Elder Moore had everyone stand up, place their hands on their hearts, and look at a light. He then said they could say they'd been uplifted, their hearts had been touched, and they had seen the light.
It has been a truly wonderful week though, where I have learned much about the true meaning of diligence.
Love you all! We went a little early because we are going to Batu Caves today for P-Day!! 
Love, Elder Christensen

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