Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Last Week in Miri

Dear Wonderful Family At Home

I am so happy to write to you about this, my last week in Miri.
I'm flying to the great land of West Malaysia in K.L. tomorrow, to speak the foreign English Language with an English Elder (Elder Moore) and I'm really sad to leave. Apparently many people don't even SPEAK malay until they come to some certain areas in East, such as Miri.
Anyway, this last week has been fantastic, and bitter-sweet. Bitter because we had to drop many of our investigators, including the Penans and James. The Penans we dropped because it is just not their time. Not only do they not really understand us, but after they returned from Kampung they've been extremely busy. We have been praying for them though. James stopped coming to church because his wife doesn't want them to go to different churches. He did say that he would take us to dinner or lunch sometime so that the missionaries could explain our purpose and hopefully convince her to just change her church as well!
Other then that this week has been full with great experiences. There was this one day when we came home to a broken doorknob on our apartment (Kong and Chan were inside). Accordingly the friendly Muslim custodian came and bashed it with a hammer until it opened, then biked to the store and bought a shiny new one. But the next day we came home to find that I had accidently left the new door key inside the appartment. We spent an hour trying to figure out how to break in, until we finally had to climb a ladder to the back balcony and lift up the sliding glass door to get in (it unlocked when we did that). Fun times.
Andrew's family wasn't able to meet yesterday when we had planned, they were too busy being drunk and singing karaoke.
BUT! We found another new investigator in Kampung Pasir. His name was Andrewson, and we randomly ran into him when he was fixing a chicken coop. He knew who we were, and had been taking lessons from the Elders before! He could read, had transport, and had excellent malay. We taught him yesterday, and he told us he was just wanting to know what church was correct. When he took the B.O.M. he asked if he could read it with his family (wife and two daughters). It's hard to leave after something like that.
We also met with Bro. Hitam again this week. He said he was feeling healthy again, and he came to church again with his family! It was so amazing to see him there! Elder Wilson (traveling 70) said in the last Zone Conference that when you see a less active take the sacrament, you should see it with the same joy as a Baptism. I definitely did.
Saturday we had a really fun luncheon at the Senior Couples house where we heard the transfer news via the Zone Leaders, and that night Elder Griffin and I celebrated with the 32 Ringgit Monster Chicken King Burger at Pasar Malam (which we split). We took a video with Elder Kong's Camera's Miniature effect, and it's currently loading. I'm only sending that and the picture with Bro. Hitam because you should get a memory card this week! Get Excited!
-Elder Christensen
Some images of Kuala Lumpur added by Mom  He said it's basically like moving from Bluffdale to New York City

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