Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, February 17, 2014

So just so you know, the temple was Taoist and not Buddhist.

Hello Family! I am so grateful to be able to email and thank you for your wonderful love and support! This last week has been probably one of the most formative of my mission, so let me tell you about it!
Monday was fun, as we went to that temple, and that night we had a family night with Sis. Katrina. Our lesson was on the Parable of the Wicked Servant (forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors) and we had them act it out while we read it! It was really fun and the food was wonderful as usual. Unfortunately, that didn't count for a key indicator as it waswith active members, but that's not important. What was important is that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday had all zeros as well. Every Plan seemed to fall through and nobody could meet or wasn't home. It was getting very bad. This last Sunday we had decided that Friday we were going to fast for Bro. Day, but we expanded that into a full day of prayer and fasting for all of our investigators and less actives, as they are all facing problems that we cannot solve directly. We spent half the day just taking turns praying and studying in our appartment, and the other half we went contacting with the Chinese Elders in Taman Bulatan (Garden of Circle). We had barely been there when we received an amazing contact with an open college professor who was jogging there! That night we met with the Penans for the first time since we had returned! The next day we met with Bro, Day for the first time that week and 3 less active families, on top of finding a family of 8 to teach in Kampung Api! The dad's name was Andrew, and they all spoke some English on top of some excellent Malay. Sunday we managed to get Bro. Giraji the Sacrament again and Dividson followed us to that appointment. You can imagine everything I could say about thankfulness. The interesting thing is that I have only one strong Spiritual revelaiton from that day of fasting, and it was that the only thing that could change was Me. I had to change. My mindset and attitude changed.

Cool Stories: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! We used the picture of me and Annie on her Baptism Day to make Bro. Day cry, because he was saying that he felt wicked and couldn't change.
Sunday we got a call from Sister Anderson saying that they had been fasting all day and asked us to make them dinner and bring it to that night's correlation meeting, as they wouldn't be able to return home. We whipped up some Mi Goreng and Apples and Butterfingers and rushed the Church. I swear I could hear the William Tell theme playing!
Love you all!

-Elder Christensen

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