Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Wonderful People!
It is so good to be able to write to you this week, it's been interesting and full of stuff so here we go!
So we had a cool experience finding a less active who lives smack dab in the middle of a Muslim Neighborhood. Her name was Sister Sayu, and though she's rejoined the S.I.B. chuch she was willing to listen to us. Speaking of Less Actives, our branch is officially starting their home teaching program! Right now we're getting them the updated addresses and numbers so they can have home teachers come! Pres. Atos is truly amazing.
We finally met the Penans again! They are safe and happy so thank you for your prayers. Christopher and Davidson came with us and the lesson was fantastic. We have some active members on their street who are willing to take them to church, which will be fantastic.
We did also have some hard things as usual. Our phone broke on Saturday so we had to get a new one, and the petals on my bike were so worn that we bought new ones as well. They're purple. Bro. Day is still having problems so please keep praying for him.
The highlight of the week though was definitely the Chinese New Year Party! It was the most stressed over and well planned party, and it was awesome. I was in charge of a team in the Eating Competition (I ate like 4 oranges and a 3rd of a Pamello in like 2 minutes) and we WON! It was so cool. Anyway, it's Hot in Malaysia right now. Very much so.
We also had a great lesson with Bro. Hitam this week, the Risers (our new Senior Couple) do this thing where they drive us around for part of one day each week. They accompanied us and Elder Riser is amazing. He's a man that's served 4 missions (including his first like us) and he's now the 2nd Councillor in the District Presidency. Bro. Hitam has been feeling sick, so it's good to get him more friends in the branch.

This Sunday we were able to bring Bro. Geraji the sacrament since he can't leave his house. It was an amazingly spiritual experience, and we hope to have members bringing it for him every week.

James didn't come to church this week, and we couldn't call to ask why because our phone broke!

We got haircuts this morning, and the lady who cut my hair said she wants to marry and love a white guy that looks like me.

We're going to a Buddhist Temple today! I love you all so much! 

Sis. Bickmore was feeling sick this week (actually all the sisters were, last week as well), but she got emergency transfered to Singapore. Sister Anderson now has a new companion, Sister Tai from Kuala Lampur! She speaks like 4 languages and she's a very fun person, a true match for Sister Anderson.
I just ordered name tags in English, Iban, and Chinese!-Elder Christensen

From Elder Griffin's letter:
Elder Christensen and I have decided to set apart a day of fasting and prayer, specifically going somewhere secluded where we can pray and speak to Heavenly Father. We hope that we will both receive a lot of revelation, especially on how we can help with transport and with Brother Day. The issue with transport, by the way, is that Miri City cut ALL the buses that are in our area, so now 20 or so people cannot come to Church. Seeing as many of them live in Kampungs, they have no vehicles. 

A list of Kampungs in our area (this is basically our entire area);
Kampung Api (Village of Fire)
Kampung Damai (Village of Peace)
Kampung Krokop (Village of Krokop)

Kampung Pasir (Village of Sand)

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