Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Friday, September 27, 2013

I took it like a man, Seth!

Scripture Study!

My new haircut!
D-D-D-Dear Mother...

I'm currently starving to death in the middle of the Jungle heat up to my waist in snow. All I want before I pass from this life is one last taste of your signature apple pie biscuits with gravy, which I'm pretty sure I just hallucinated.

No seriously, I don't need anything. Thanks for your concern :-)

I'm just about to get the shots today, I have enough money, thanks for everything.

I'll be on at 4 if you want to talk :-)

Dear Hordes of the Beloved by me

Thank you so much for the waterfall of love and messages I've been getting all week! I feel like Van Pelt on the Best Two Years when the letters being passed out go "Coloma. Coloma, Coloma, Christensen, Christensen, Christensen, Christensen, Coloma,". Seriously that guy must have like a fan club or something.

Anyway here's to resolve some stuff that my parents have been bugging me about:
NO I do NOT need ANYTHING Mother, thanks for your concern.
That Picture of the white board I sent last week is NOT the Alphabet we use. That was our teacher Brother Blissit writing the Church's Name in Jawi Script because it's cool and he's awesome.
Favorite Scripture for my plaque: 2nd Nephi 4:26-27 (and 28 if you can fit it)
Dear Elder is the best way for me to be reached now, and will definitely stay that way on my mission since I won't have to wait for a month to get them!
I got my shots today, the card worked fine, and Seth, don't worry, I took it like a man.
If you just email your questions for me, that would be much better so I don't have to reread your letters to find them!
TOTALLY tell me about the books you are reading! I'd love to hear about that!
Quotes: Just do what you did before, I'd specifically request the letter Abe Lincoln wrote in that green poetry book (or anything else you get from that). I was going to try translating them into Malay, helps me learn.
You guys should totally order a Malay B.O.M. from lds.org. I'll write up a pronunciation guide!
I loved all the pictures! Please keep them coming! Except that Fall one mom, don't make me cry. I've loved to hear how life is there, I feel so bad about the bees Dad! I hope your poor Romulan head gets better! Seth! You're awesome! I wish I had been able to be Doctor Who in Laser Tag! That's so cool! Anything else that people have written me about I've tried to write letters home to.

The MTC is frickin' amazing. In case you didn't know. Everyone keeps asking what it's like here so, here we go. But first, Snow on the Mountains! Today! Awesome! That reminds me of a segway into our beloved Elder Paiwei from Australia. He hasn't seen snow in ten years and wants to before we leave, so everyone pray for snow!

Paiwei is a very awesome man. He picks up the language pretty well and he is always pleasant to talk to. He is from Brisbon Dad, and said we could use his guest bedroom if we ever vacationed there (after I get back of course).

Allen is our DL right now. He's an interesting mix of sporadic self righteousness and total prankster. He's already planning to write Wilson as if he was Wilson's girlfriend, and is really funny alot of the time.

Blackwelder is from Cincinnati Ohio and reminds me exactly of the story that Grandpa Jello tells of the guys he got to read the B.O.M. by doing a stick pulling competition in Seminary and tying it to Joseph Smith. Very physically active, doesn't like studying much, and kills everyone in 4 square. Before I met him I had never heard Captain Moroni called 'sick' or 'tight' or 'crazy awesome' before'.

Jin is born and raised in Houston Texas, but his parents came from Korea. He's kinda quiet, but very insightful, and usually only talks if you talk to him first. But he's a great guy and fun to hang out with. He's also going to college in Engineering and 21 years old.

Sister Anderson is a reincarnated Aunt Jeni with a New Zealand accent. I don't know how she does it, but being the only female in our district, she's very good at keeping the rest of us in check.

Coloma is an amazingly smart man from Paris France. He has a fiance waiting for him, and is really funny. We're all on pins and needles to see a picture of her. He just started to pick up American slang such as "Oh My Gosh" and he called his companion Wilson a Dork the other day. He's still learning English and doing better than he thinks he does. He's very spiritual and is excellent at teaching and learning languages, just fun to be around. He is also 21.

Wilson. How to describe Wilson. He wants to be a Barber when he gets back, he loves rap, he's from Ogden, he never changes his hair style, and he's temperamental in a good way if that makes sense at all. 'nuff said.

My Companion, Sessions, was very quiet when I met him, but now that we've bonded somewhat he's really funny. Constantly trying to get us to laugh, and he feels more comfortable with the language. He's a great guy, very concerned about the state of his hair, likes to maintain a six pack, so eating and sitting for 12 hours a day kinda bothers him. Other then that we get along swimmingly.

Then there's me. Hopefully you know me already ;-)

Daily MTC stuff includes one alternating hour of gym time, usually 4 square is what my district does, 3 hours of Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, and the rest is Study. Language Study, Companion Study, Personal Study, and Classroom instruction.

I'll save time for describing my teachers next week.

We also get awesome devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday (when the Choir sings as well).
If you have specific questions about my life style, please ask! The more letters (and packages) the better! Keep the manna from Heaven flowing!

Love you all so much! Sorry for the scanty pictures, I totally forgot to take any this week!

With love
-Elder Christensen

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