Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello lovely hordes of letter-readers!

Thank you so much for the amazing outpouring of love I've felt this week! Every letter boosts my heart so much!
Here's one thing I need to answer my wonderful Mother.
I DON'T 'NEED' ANYTHING FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I have too much stuff already! What I would like is just pictures of you guys, maybe your favorites from all the adorable ones you've sent me (yes, even the one in need of a haircut). Anything else just keep the money and donate to the general missionary fund please.
Anyway, this week was so much fun! We started with Bro. Pulver's Birthday party last Friday, where we ate the cookie bars and pumpkin cookies I recieved from my wonderful family and grandparents and drank apple beer and Martinelli's that Paiwei had randomly recieved. It was really fun.
Other exciting events include that We will be flying out on Tuesday, leaving at noon! That's insane! We're sad to leave eachother but ready to go!
Anyway, I'll be having to drop maybe fifty pounds of stuff before I leave so I'll send some things home. Expect a package!
For my family: CONGRATULATIONS DAD! Insert here how much you want to say about it (Jeff had nose surgery!) but I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! That must feel wonderful!
One other thing to get out of the way, The M.T.C. has been an absolutely amazing experience and I've loved every second of it.
Now, funny and interesting stories!
Culture Shock is an interesting thing. I wasn't there when this happened, but Jin, Blackwelder, Wilson, and Coloma were sitting on the couches in their apartment when apparently Jin (insert whatever word you use when this happens). Coloma, sitting next to him, said "Elder Jin, I can't support this!" They asked what he meant, and he said "IT SMELLS SO HARD!" It was hilarious to hear about. Coloma's a great guy.
Microculture evolution: Whenever we have anything work out or good happen to us, we cry out "The Gospel is True!" Usually when it's not related to that at all. Whenever something bad happens, we just, like, don't say anything, because, well, we, um, can't complain.
Elder Sessions had ink leak on both of his long sleeve white shirts, and bleached them in our Classroom's kitchen sink. Fun times.
I've met a new best friend and fellow Brony Elder Law from the great country of Washington. He's writing a book right now and he is a very talented writer. We've had a lot of fun times together and great experiences, and he inspired to me do what I've been thinking of for a long time and I'm now writing a book on P-Days! Expect more on that when the bell tolls 1!
The Finnish Invaded Singapore yesterday and we were kicked out of our classroom. Apparently we were supposed to have been sharing a classroom apartment with the other Singapore district this whole time, but didn't because the Indonesian classroom next door was empty. They had a live Durian (a very stinky fruit) in their fridge and the whole place smelled like carbon monoxide. But worse.
And to end, a cool experience today. Elder Sessions and I did Sealings in the Temple today. While there, we met an Elder who got home from Germany 11 months ago, and these 2 super old sisters. Sister Dart was very good at Genealogy and had a giant stack of sealing names with her. Her older Sister, Sister Donovan, told us that she had never been sealed to her children, or her husband, but loved to come do sealings anyway. It was a really neat experience to meet her. People like that inspire me.
One last thing: Our Devotional this Tuesday was by Elder Dallin H. Oaks. It was a extremely inspirational talk and I wish I could talk about it forever, but my personal favorite things about it was basically that the entire talk was his testimony of the divinity and truth of our church. He basically taught the first couple lessons in his own words. It was really neat. I got to sing in the Choir and we sang an amazing rendition of Praise to the Man.
 Flight Plans!
 Elder Sessions loves his Smolder!
 Some Precious Ancient Indonesian Artifact
 World's Best Back Scratcher
 Birthday Party

 Bleachin Shirts...
 Elder Law
 Singapore Elders
 Singapore Elders
Elder Bester

 Our MTC Mission President
 We found this on the back of a map that has been hanging in our classroom the whole time!

Well, I love you all! The next time you hear from me will be in Singapore! I'm So Stoked to Read the B.O.M. and Study Malay for 30 STRAIGHT HOURS!!! :-D
-Elder Christensen

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