Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello wonderful family of mine!

This week has been a fantastic one for me, with many great and wondrous works and disappointments, but so goes the life of a missionary! (and most people I'd assume)

So, this week Elder W and I focused a lot on Less Actives, as that's where we feel the Lord wants us. We taught 9 less active lessons this week, including around 10 hours of contacting and 3 lessons with the Penan family. Super busy, but so satisfying! There's no better feeling in the world then falling into bed knowing you've made the world a better place.

One such is Bro. Hitam (Literally brother Black). He's seeing some very hard times in his life, and we were able to give him a priesthood blessing. It was apparently exactly what he needed, and he came to church this week for the first time in forever!

Another cool story: at 8 A.M. on Sunday's we leave to go wake up the Kampungs and get people to church. The people we usually invite all denied our invitation yesterday, but as we were riding away from Kampung Piasau, Augustine, a child of a drunk but baptised member, came running after us in full Sunday attire. (Elders!) He and his sister got two other daughters of less active members and we walked them to the bus stop where they rode to Church that day. Two of the Penan's were also there waiting for us when we rode up! We had 5 less actives (including Bro. Hitam) and 2 investigators at Church! The gospel is so true!

Enough Miracles for now. This week I tried 4 indigenous fruits: Durian, Mangostein, Orang Butan, and Cimpaduk. They were all not bad, Mangostein was the best.

Anyway, pictures later of those. I love you all and we feel your prayers and love every day!
Until Next week!
-Elder Christensen

Mom note: In other letters to siblings he mentioned that they have Gecko's in our house, and these harmless little sugar ants that attack any piece of food we leave out. It's useless to try to stop them, they get in somehow anyway. 

We asked him what specifically to pray for in his behalf and he said "Pray for the Spirit to Bless and Uplift the People of Malaysia and the Miri 1st branch."

We asked what one his favorite parts of the day was and he said "Thanking the Lord before I go to bed."

Also, if you want a fun geographical education experience, Coy mentioned that the Borneo caves are an hour from him on bike.  They are the largest caves in the world and absolutely spectacular. Natives climb in and through the to harvest the bird's nests for bird's nest soup, which sells at $200 a bowl and is made entirely of spittle.  The images are incredible. 

Also, he is working mostly with reactivation, and has asked for any advice anyone can send on! Thank you Thank you for loving and praying for this boy and the people of Malaysia! Have a great week! 

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