Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I'll need to just focus on the most important stuff this week.

Well, this last District Meeting was an interesting one. Earlier, Elder Misa had told me that during his reporting with the A.P.'s that 'Sibu was falling'. I tried to figure out exactly why that was, as this district and this zone had seen amazing miracles and such amazing progress in the last couple weeks, and it came down to the fact that our goals were not being hit. That was all that our leaders were seeing. District meeting was completely focused on that accordingly, not only hitting our goals but doing all in our power to achieve then. We also watched the videos of Team Hoyt and Derek Redmond to show the way that Heavenly Father will carry us once we have made that goal. 
The craziest thing about it all was, after it was done, I realized it was everything that I was currently weak at as a missionary. I've never been a numbers oriented person, and numerical goals are not my forte, but Elder Sutherland and I have pushed ourselves to the absolute limit this week accordingly to achieve our goals. It has been amazing. 

I was actually sick for a couple days, nothing serious, but a cold only. We kept going though, and by the end of the week we had indeed hit our goals, but more importantly we had some amazing miracles occur.Friday we had gone on splits with the Chinese Elders, and it was also Elder Durrant's birthday! He said his best birthday present was trekking through the jungle and really enjoyed it. That same day, Elder Sutherland and Elder Baer contacted a nice girl named Caroline who invited us back Sunday night.

Speaking of the Chinese, Winnie is now on date! September 6th is the prospective date, but no missionary has ever met her step mother, the only legal guardian she has. There is a worry that, if she doesn't get permission from her step mother, Winnie could not be baptized. We are praying for an opportunity for that to happen, as Lena is also on date for that same day.

Ingang told us we couldn't meet her this week. Next week can.

Catarina's family continues to be awesome. We met with them a few different times, and their children are all very receptive, although we don't know what Catarina quite thinks yet.

Jerry's family is still doing great, but really needs to come to church. We are hoping to be more forceful with them and help them see the blessings they could be getting.

Kanyan was baptized! He was so great, but the most significant part was his testimony at the baptism. He told a lot of his life story, of when he was young and living in Kampung he had gotten caught up in all of the drinking and smoking and cock-fighting that goes on there, and stayed that way until he got married to Lena. A couple years later they moved to where they are now and met Acui and became friends, and that was before Arin was born. After the Elders met them and they had gone to church one time, Kanyan had traveled to Bintulu. While there, he had thoughts that helped him realize he wanted to go back to church again and stop drinking and smoking. The rest of the story you already know :-)

At church the next day, Kajup came to church with his wife and daughter! The branch's reaction was so great toee, as they welcomed him back like a prodigal son. We also had a nice church attendance, with 67 people there!
At church the next day, Kajup came to church with his wife and daughter! The branch's reaction was so great to see, as they welcomed him back like a prodigal son. We also had a nice church attendance, with 67 people there!
Sunday night, Bro. Kong followed us out to visit Caroline's family, who promptly invited us in. His name was Merang, the race of Ulu, and his wife was a Kenya woman named Dabung. They have 5 daughters and 1 young boy. It was an absolutely astounding lesson that shocked us both to the core, as it ACTUALLY FOLLOWED PREACH MY GOSPEL! Neither of us had ever had a lesson where we actually taught the entire Restoration in one sitting, offered a soft baptismal commitment, and have it accepted. The Dad said, that "if we do obtain that knowledge, of course we will be baptized!" It was amazing, and still seems too good to be true. We pray that it will continue.

This week has been hard, long, stressing, physically exhausting, and rewarding beyond imagination  Thank you for your prayers! (Also, please pray for the Chinese Elders to find new people to teach).

-Love, Elder Christensen 

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