Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello wonderful family! Patiently waiting for Transfers is killing me here.
This last week was absolutely wonderful. Most of it was taken in three days of Zone Conference down in delicious Singapore, and we had an amazing time. I wish I could just send you a transcript of the whole thing, but President Mains is definitely an inspired man!
The package had arrived fine, but we had some troubles with our airlines with the effect that we were not allowed to bring checked luggage. We had been staying with the Chinese Elders there, so I ended up giving them all the Butterfingers that we couldn't eat or take home (thanks for the Doctor Who stuff by the way, wasn't expecting that. I carry a Sonic Screwdriver now :-).

The only other big news is people! Senia was baptized by her father this last week, and in the last few weeks the effect of the Atonement has been very evident in their lives and personalities.

We have a new Senior Couple here in Sibu, Elder and Sister Bodell. This is their first mission, and they seem to be doing great so far.

Also, Merang continues to do well. This last weekend he quit smoking and his family is on track to be baptized in about 2 weeks. Please continue to pray for him! We had a great lesson this last Saturday, where we changed our original lesson plan when Doo Abun, the mother, said she had been reading the Liahona about the temple and "just wanted to go there"! They are so spiritually in tune it is almost ridiculous.

Sorry it's a shorter letter, but we will be meeting lots of people again this week for sure! Love you all!
-Elder Christensen
Transfer News: Coy will stay in Sibu and train a new greenie!  He is so happy to stay, very sad to let Elder Sutherland go.  

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