Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Well, to be honest, so many amazing things happen each week that I'm going to stop trying to tell them all, takes so long because I hate writing without details. Only the best parts from now on?

Tuesday was a great day, Elder Misa and I spent the entire day on splits in order to do Lena's Baptismal interview (which she passed!). We got caught out in the rain, and isolated during the hardest rainstorm with the most lighting I have ever seen in my life. It was absolutely crazy, like a movie scene or something.

Merang's family is still going fantastically. They have decided that this church is the truth, and they want to be baptized  Accordingly, we are currently helping them overcome their Word of Wisdom issues right now, and the mother, Doo Abun, feels she has already quit smoking. Merang is the only one with any issues, but he is completely basing his faith in Jesus and his desire is sincere. They're on date for a couple weeks from now, but they are already so ready it's amazing.

Jerry has also come a very long way, as it seems his only hang-up is that he says he doesn't feel worthy, as he doesn't think he's at the same level as we are spiritually wise. We had a very strong spirit there as we testified that we are nothing special, that we all depend on the same savior and the same Christ to save us all. It's still hard to come to church, as he is called in randomly sometimes and can't really control his schedule.

Splits with Elder Baer, the Chinese Elder, went really well this last week. They live in a ridiculously nice apartment  which used to be an office, and they have been finding many new people to teach through personal finding. They realized this week that Winnie has been taught this entire time without permission from her step-mother, who is hardly being a mother to her at all. In complete humility and obedience, they stopped meeting with her. But she still comes to church and they still read the Book of Mormon with her after church on Sundays. Her situation very much resembles Cinderella right now.

Saturday night was great, as Kanyan was able to baptize his wife. It was very sweet, as also Merang's family was able to attend. They also had a birthday party for Winnie afterwards.
Sunday, we had a very interesting conundrum. We are running out of available classrooms for all the classes that are starting! We had a record number of 78 at church yesterday.

Then to finish off, a very cool miracle. That family that Elder South and I contacted, we tried to meet them twice this week. Both times, the father called us before and asked us to come at a different time. We finally met them Sundaynight, and they are the most prepared family we have ever seen. It's a man, David, his wife Siti, and their 8 year old daughter Julia and their 2 year old son Aui. They basically told us they had been discussing and decided they wanted to attend a church and follow Jesus as a family, but they didn't know which church to attend or how to get there. They basically asked us if they could attend church and be baptized before we taught the first lesson, and after the Restoration we asked how they felt. The dad thought for a second, and basically told us he felt good about it and that it must be true. They want us to come and lead them to the church Sunday morning (it's not far), and come back thisnext Tuesday. There are literally so many people searching for truth, and God is so aware of them. I LOVE THIS WORK!
I love you too!

-Elder Christensen

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