Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello everyone! This week was a good one, don't worry, but it was a long one in deed. Lots of things going on, lots of good things happening!

Elder Beliang is amazing, he had received very complete instruction in a mission prep class. All I do for training is point to a concept in P.M.G. and he acts on it immediately. He's seen a long history of disobedient Elders in his home town, and in his first couple days he professed a desire to never follow their examples, as they never succeeded. Needless to say we have had no problems getting along.

This last Tuesday for District Meeting we made a District Vision following pg.146 in P.M.G. and raw Spiritual inspiration (how edgy is that?). It was amazing, and we received a lot of guidance.

Brother Merang's family is continuing to do very well. They're on date for Oct. 18, the week after we show General Conference here in Malaysia. Last Saturday we taught them how do do a Family Night by doing a family night with them and teaching Tithing. We used an example Elder Jackson had explained, where you give the person 100 sen (cent), ask for ten back, then grab everything in your reach and put in their hand to show them the blessings that they they cannot hold. It was also Carista's birthday, so we had a great birthday dinner afterwards.

Brother Jerry has been slowly stagnating, he understands and professes he believes in everything we teach, but he does not truly follow it. We are praying to know what to do for him.

We found a new family this week, a certain Brother Manggi and his wife and two kids. We only met them once this last Sunday, but we taught them the Restoration. We asked Brother Manggie what he felt about our message, he thought for a second, and he simply said 'bagus!' which being translated means, good, wonderful, awesome, amazing, etc. We committed them to be baptized once they knew it was true on the spot. That has never happened in my mission before. They were prepared.

We also had a powerful experience following the Spirit. We were trying to follow up with a contact we had, and we were both prompted to leave from a place that felt very dangerous. We left, and instead taught Brother Kanyan's family about the Roh Khudus (Holy Ghost) using the experience as an example.

I love you so much! This Gospel is TRUE!

-Elder Christensen

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