Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

This last week has been strange. Very Strange.


This last week has been strange.

Very Strange.

Wonderful, exhilarating, hard, enlightening, but over all strange.

Here we go. 

Anyi went back to Kampung until Christmas as his brother-in-law died. Actually, that happened a lot across the board. We counted this morning, there have been 10 instances across the District of families having relatives die and going back to visit them.

Kelvinson and Ignatius are doing great, they referred us to 3 families worth of relatives that all are wanting to learn. They're only struggle is that they are trying to find a transport option for Church. They're best option is to rent a van, and we feel that a way will be prepared for them as their faith grows. We'll be fasting for it also this next week.

District meeting challenged the new district to be exactly obedient. We started by having everyone draw elephants on the board before we started, them erased them saying we wanted no elephants in the room. The training was on the analogy of the cure-all Silver Bullet which ever Elder dreams of finding for certain situations. We turned the focus to show that every silver bullet is in two things: the Preach My Gospel and the Spirit's revelations. One is given to us, the other is gained when we follow the White Hamdankk. 

We also were led to the house of a potential investigator, a certain George and his family. We haven't been able to follow up with him yet, but he is a very educated Iban from Kutching, already having lived here for 3 years or so. His family seemed happy and big.

Saturday was David Kong's birthday, we all went to Ansons. For some reason they brought some of Merang's daughters also.

This week has been so full of Spiritual enlightenment and other things that I will be writing some written letters later.

I love you so much! Sad there's not yet a new Mission Prep! Next week we leave for Zone Conference on Monday, but we might email before we fly out. Therefore, we should be emailing earlier or much later. If it's not early, don't wait up for me.

Love you! Thank you so much for the prayers!
-Elder Christensen

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