Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dear Wonderful Family

This last week has been incredibly busy, but such is the life of a productive Zone Leader I guess :-) It's stressful though, just because we only got full studies maybe 3 days this week.

Anyway, things are looking up. Munday was a bittersweet day of Book of Remembrance signing at the church with the Zone and a final lesson with Bro. Bangga that night before Elder Lundquist flew out the next day. Bro. Bangga is the husband of an active member, Sis. Puni, and a long time former investigator before Elder O'Bryant and I picked him up again. That last lesson was very touching for him, it was completely focused on Enduring to the End and the Testimony we have of our Savior. 

The next morning Elder Lundquist left for America, two weeks early as he requested to have his exit interview with President Mains whom he served with personally for a very long time as Assistant. It was a simple fairwell, we walked him out to the Przybyla's truck and embraced one, last, time.

Tuesday morning had one of the most ridiculous District Meetings I've ever attended. It was hard to focus, Elder McCown was transferring to K.L. the next day for some various personal issues and that there was that mini transfer with the new President. Elder Ee came up from Stampin to be Elder Stowell's new companion as Elder Call moved up to replace Elder Lundquist. It's been a pleasure working with him, he was in the Airforce ROTC and is from Sandy Utah with an Indonesian mother and an Orang Putih father.

Thursday and Friday we were in Singapore, and got back late because of delayed flights.
HOWEVER, M.L.C. was astounding. It was an amazing opportunity to meet the new Mission President and his wife, President Simmons. The M.L.C. was mostly taken in discussion of the current state of the mission, the culture of the mission and the countries, what concerns we had and what directions the mission needed to take. They are an amazing couple, both R.M.'s and with three children either just returned, on, or starting missions right now. They work together in complete unity, we are lucky to have them.

Later in the week we had some miracles. Elder Call and I were able to meet Bro. Bangga again and review the commandments with him Friday night, and Saturday morning we had the baptismal interview. I went with Elder Stowell so the others could do studies, and I sat in the living room as they did the interview in the kitchen. It was Elder Stowell's first (and possibly only) interview he did in his mission, and he did a great job. Bro. Bangga passed and is on date for this next Saturday. He's come an incredibly long way.
That afternoon we met Bro. Jihap's family, they are still doing great, we read Joseph Smith History with them through the first vision, and also when Lehi was called to be a prophet to start their Recent Convert lessons. I love that family so much.

At Church everyone was there, and it was great. Bro. Bangga stayed for three hours, Kevin and Augustine (Jihap's sons) got interviewed for the Priesthood, and we had a great day of lessons and Testimonies in Fast and Testimony meeting. That afternoon we prepared for Zone Meeting and had a great correlation meeting with Bro. Devalee, starting to patch up our relationship with him after no contact with him all last transfer.

Zone meeting tomorrow will be great. I know this church is true because of the wonderful gift of revelation that is always a prayer away, and we never need to go without it.

Love you all!

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