Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hello wonderful family!

This last week has been another whirlwind. Ain't no rest for the Elders.

Monday we got to the Sarawak museum after it closed, but we had a great day wandering around Waterfront and the War Memorial next door. It was a cool, misty day, kind of felt like Washington DC.

That night we had an interesting miracle. We had our appointments fall through so we went to the 24 hour grocery store to do some after-dark contacting. As we sat at a food court for dinner, a Bidayuh man walked up to us saying he had met Elders at a bike store earlier that day. He still wasn't interested in meeting again as he was a busy government administrator in the Bidayuh counsel, but he took a restoration pamphlet and our number (without taking ours).

Tuesday had a great district meeting led by Elder Newing about being a Proactive missionary compared to a Patient one. It went really well, we practised responding to common refutes from initial contacts as companionships.

We had a lot of potential investigators fall through this last week, but a lot of cool things have been happening with the members! We met with Bro. Asin and Bro. Govin this last week in preparation for an exciting meeting that happened on Sunday. For the first time, Home Teaching is starting in Batu Kawa, as well as some other branches in Kuching. We already have many appointments to assist many of the diligent priesthood holders here to do it for the first time, they all promised to complete their assignments by the end of the month. The best part is that we didn't do anything to instigate it, we just offered our services.

The last 4 days President and Sister Simmons have been in Kuching with the A.P's. They were very busy, but they visited all the missionary apartments, met with the priesthood leadership, we went on exchanges with the Assistants on Friday and with President Simmons on Saturday. We had the 'distinction' of being the first missionaries he did exchanges with. 

Bangga had a dream that he was building the house of God, so we lent him a copy of Mountain of the Lord in Indonesian.

We met a grass cutter that referred his friend that both lived in Sentosa area, doing well.

We had a miracle lesson with Lawrence the (now former) security guard of our appartment. He met us and told us he had decided the Book of Mormon was just another bible and he was fine as as an RC. We asked him why and started to answer his questions, which he'd just hidden under the surface. His eyes literally popped out when he heard that there are living prophets and apostles though. He is deeply insightful and devoted, so we told him the story of Mormon and Moroni and challenged him again to Moroni's promise. That was all we could do for him.

So much has happened I can hardly write it all!

Love you all so much!

-Elder Christensen

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