Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Remember last week? Thought that was insane? Well buckle up because this week was much more fun if you catch my drift.
Monday you already heard about last week basically. We also had a baptismal interview that night.
Tuesday was the only relatively normal day this week, with a great lesson with the Penan family (thank you for your prayers for them).
Wednesday is when things started to get a little out of whack. Elder W had an appointment, and there was a trip to McDonalds as a last hurrah for Elder Snyder, who is getting transferred to the newly created Bintulu Zone as Zone Leader! We're sad to see him go, but happy at the same time. That night was English Class, which we've been contacting for and has become our main tool for potential investigators.
Thursday we dropped Elder Snyder off at the bus stop, got lost twice in the heaviest rain I've seen since we've got here.  We had a baptismal interview that night.
Friday we MOVED! TO JINHOLD! It's a really nice maid-serviced apartment meant for 2 people that we're now fitting in 4, because we now have 2 new Chinese Elders, Elder Kong and Elder Chan, who came because (drum-roll) we are getting Miri 3rd Branch starting in January! Elders Fletcher and Mitchel's Efforts have paid off and they are now opening a Chinese/English Group. We also had a baptismal interview that night.
Saturday was the 1st day in 4 that we got our complete studies in, and spent the rest of that day helping the new Elders get acquainted with the area. Elder Kong is a fantastic cook and he made us lunch and dinner. That night, we had a Triple Baptism! 3 more priesthood holders! Christopher and Davidson are two of the coolest guys ever, and the other guy was named Bro. Eye.
Sunday morning we went out to wake up the Kampungs. On the way to Kampung Api, Elder W’s bike's rear tire finally died for good. We walked the rest of the way to Kampung Api to visit Bro. Hitam. He was mysteriously happier then we've seen him ever. We found out HIS GRANDCHILDREN ARE BACK! Thank you for the prayers on his behalf! Someone had seen them walking around somewhere, called the police because they recognized them, and they were brought home (They're names are Samuel and Emmanual, 6 and 2). He was so happy he brought them, himself, and his wife to church (and us). But, he left a little early without us knowing, so we had to catch a bus to Kampung Api. Though during church, we confered the priesthood on the Recent Converts. I was able to confer Davidson, completely awesome gift of tongues experience. The bus was an hour late dropped us off at the same place that the tire had died, so we walked that path again. And who did we run into again but Christopher and Davidson! They walked with us for a while, that was fun. We then went to Darrell's house, which was near Bro. Hitam (who wasn't home). We then spent about 4 hours trying everything we could to patch the bike, but eventually we had to borrow Darrell's bike. It was raining, Elder W didn't have brakes, and it wasn't his bike, so it took about 45 minutes to get home. I sang hymns. It was fun.
This morning we went and switched bikes, replaced the tire after walking to the shop, and then Christopher and Davidson had invited us to go fishing on the beach! It's so beautiful there, looks like Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It was a nice break after this week.
Love you all! Thank you for your prayers and support!
-Elder Christensen
Bro. Day (Help us to meet with him when he's sober)

 This is Sister Allen, Coy's seminary teacher!
 New Apartment..with maid service!

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