Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Mom Note:  He will be receiving his physical mail on the 20th.  The Dear Elder service will be printed at the mission home and will be waiting for him.  If anyone wants to email a note TO US, we will pay to get it to him by the 19th.  This will be his mail for Christmas and probably three weeks afterward. Thank you Thank you!  We can send 3 pages for $1.10 so we will combine the notes and get them out. He has specifically asked for an update of what is going on in your life and your spiritual experiences. We would be SO GRATEFUL!  Merry Christmas! Thank you for loving and praying for this boy and for all of the missionaries!  On to the Letter…

Internet's slow today, bear with me here.

Missionary Life:
1 Whole Missionary (perfect mental health not guaranteed)
3 cups Insanity, stir well
1 cup of Hard Work
2 Heaping Tablespoons of Joy
1 Daily Dose of Humor

Mix well in the Bowl of the Spirit, serve liberally. Serving Size: One Week.

Hello Family! This week has been one full of insight and miracles so lets get this train wreck a' rollin'!

Pictures this week: (We didn’t actually get the pictures, but this is a list of what they would have been J.
Elder W and the turtle we ate
Elder Santa Kong
Sting Ray for Dinner
Sister's Baptism
Me Arm Wrestling Christopher
Auxiliary Meeting (bet ya can't guess what we're planning for)
Chinese Christmas Party

Well, after emailing last week Christopher and Davidson asked us to come over for family night, so of course we did. They had a turtle they wanted to eat, and when we arrived they said they had no idea how to cook or kill it. They asked us to do both. It involved a plier, hammer, stove and lots of onions, but we made some pretty delicious Chicken-Turtle Soup. Christopher's daughter accidentally called me 'sister' (in English) since the sisters had taught them, and the rest of the night Christopher called Sisters Elders and Elders Sisters. Good Times.
Anyway, cool stuff this week. We didn't have as much going on this week compared to before (thank goodness), so we decided to try and find some more less actives and investigators. Elder W had found some old hand written records, which elaborated on some Less Actives addresses which only said 'Krokop' in the ward directory. They said they lived in a Kampung that we’d never heard of and nobody had worked in for several years, which was very unusual. So between the Penan's, a Baptismal Interview, English Class, Eating at Pasar Malam and preparing for the Chinese Christmas Party last night and the Zone Activity today, we went contacting in Krokop 7. We literally knocked at every door on the street and asked everybody if they knew these people, nobody had heard of them. It also took about three days of contacting and research. At the end of the 3rd day, we went by these mechanic shops at the end of the street and asked the workers there. The boss only spoke Chinese, but told us to talk to one of his clients about to drive away. We did, and he said they were in the Kampung across the road. We had been there several times, and there was no kampung. We decided to look one more time. In-between a Car Wash and a Private school there was a very narrow dirt road, barely noticeable. We went down in and found an ENTIRE KAMPUNG extending out over the river that we had never seen before. It was truly a miracle, and the Lord worked in a very mysterious way to get us there. We found a less active woman who had married a nonmember and her family has a potential of 3 investigators or so, and they accepted a return appointment for Tuesday!
Saturday night the Sisters had a baptism. All was well except when the power went out for about 20 minutes. Fun times. Afterwards I arm wrestled Christopher.
Sunday we were able to meet Pres. Atos, Pres. Langgie's Father and Branch Mission leader for the first time. He's been in Kutching forever, and we'll be able to meet with him soon. Also, Sis. Katrina brought one of her relatives, James, who's interested in the church. He went around introducing himself to everyone and said he wants to come to church every week. We meet him tonight at Sis. Katrina's Family Home Evening.
Love you all! I'll get letters and the Christmas Package this week at the Christmas Conference in Kutching!

He also said in a sibling letter: I've had SO MANY Spiritual Experiences! I couldn’t list them all. All the time we have to rely on the spirit to guide us, the strongest one this week was when we found the Kampung.
We asked him how Stingray tasted, and how he knows what is safe to eat and he said: Stingray was really good, sort of like hyper condensed chicken with a better, fishier flavor. Haven't had any problems yet, mostly just bless it before and don't be stupid.
He is also singing O Holy Night in church next week!

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