Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Beautiful People
This week has been one of wonders and advancement for us humble servants of the Lord in Miri.
First things first, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS! They have been felt this week in so many ways.
This Tuesday was the Branch Christmas/ New Years party. Elders Mitchell and Fletcher did an excellent job of planning, and we had a great turnout with both Food and People. Missionaries are required by Malaysian Law to eat til they are sick at social functions.
The Missionaries themselves also performed a surprisingly-actually-pulled-off version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas that I was put in charge of. Elder Shuetz makes a suprisingly good Grinch. He would yell out all the Grinch's lines in Malay after I read them in English.
Other news, we tried a new contacting approach this week with the Chinese Elders, mall contacting when one of the Chinese goes with a Malaysian. That way we can talk to everyone. We were placing a B.O.M. an hour approximately, it was awesome.
Also, the Kampung Krokop people are amazing! Kong and Chan went with us to talk to a Chinese Daughter-in-law with a Buddhist Background, they'll start meeting with her soon. Also, two more unbaptized people, Edward and Jalayan, should become new investigators this week!
Other exciting news is that James continues to be awesome. We met on Sunday and he's reading the B.O.M. in both Malay and English to increase his comprehension, as his native language is Iban. He's really cool. That day in Sunday School and Priesthood we had lessons on the Plan of Salvation and the Priesthood and he had a lot of questions. He loves to learn and he wants to know more. I could see him baptized within a month.
Pray for the same people this week, also especially the Penans. They returned to Kampung for the holidays and we haven't seen them for a while now, we don't have any way to see when they're coming back.
This week is Zone Conference! Yay! Three days in Singapore!
Love you all! Sending home pics via memory card this week!

-Elder Christensen

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