Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Guess What? I could buy the Hobbit 2 on DVD for 6 Ringit here if I was into that sort of thing.
Hello Family and Everyone Else! It's so good to start emailing and read your words and see your smiling faces! This week has been one of the most jam-packed, informative, testimony building, happiest and hardest weeks of my life. Lets get started!
This last Monday we had a Family Night with Darrel. When we got there, we met his step-dad, who apparently is not a member! We turned the lesson to him and gave him a B.O.M. After the lesson we had the great pleasure of helping Darrel with his Mission Papers! He couldn't read them in English. On the way back home we were talking about members here, and we realized that Robert, Darrel, and Davidson are all going on missions, with a high chance of serving in their own country. If they do, we will likely serve with them! That would be so awesome!
Tuesday we had a few funny things happen. We ended up sitting in the Church with Elder Shuetz (going on Zone Leader splits with us) for a couple hours because somebody needed to be with some contractors fixing the air con in the Primary room. During their lunch break we went and taught Robert a new member lesson. When we returned, they took a couple hours more before we went to have dinner at S.C.R. (Singapore Chicken Rice). Unfortunately, the Restaurant was being completely run by Partimers and our food didn't come for almost and hour, then we had to go home.
The Next 3 days was Zone Conference! It was so cool and we were able to do a lot of cool things (don't worry, we still placed book of mormons). We had a traveling 70, Elder Larry Wilson, come and instruct us. He gave excellent help on how to better use the B.O.M. in our teaching, but one of the coolest parts was almost a half hour of questions and answers about anything. We had some rumors cleared up, here they are:
-In a part of West Malaysia, the King had declared the Islam Authorities could now claim copyright on the word 'Allah'. Any Bible that used that had to be burned. This included all Indonesian B.O.M.'s and Triple Combinations. But don't worry, the only Christian Literature left in the area is the Malaysian B.O.M. which uses the word 'Tuhan'. When I got back, I read in D&C about the 116 pages. The Lord will Always Triumph over Satan. 
-Johor Baru officially changed its weekend to Friday and Saturday, which through the state out of whack, in service to the Muslims. The Church is waiting to see if it holds out, since the banks haven't changed. Interesting implications.
-"There will be temples in Singapore and Malaysia because the Lord wants Temples there." (quote)
Friday was completely taken up in flying back and weekly planning.
Saturday and Sunday was a great example of how Satan is trying to stop the work. Our appointment with the Kampung Krokop people fell through, and James was sick and couldn't come to church (he's fine now), we had super awful rain, and some of our other appointments fell through, but we still had one cool experience.
We met with Bro. Day again for the first time in a long time, he was drunk, but we agreed to come back Tuesday and give him a priesthood blessing. Oh yeah, Prayer List:
Bro. Day!
The Penans are apparently flooded in their native kampung and that's why they haven't yet returned.
Darrel's dad (Sandi)
Bro. Hitam hasn't come to Church for a while.
Sorry I was late today! We went to a Crocodile Farm and my camera died when we got there.

Love you all! -Elder Christensen

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