Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, January 20, 2014

This week has been a week of wonder and work indeed.
Hello wonderful family! Thank you all so much for your prayers and constant support! It helps our wonderful members, and me so much!
This week being Transfer week, we spent just about all of our days visiting members and taking pictures with them before Elder W got transferred to Kutching, incoming flood of pics, enjoy, I wish I could label each one, but you'll have to ask who's who (sorry).
Anyway, that took most of our week up till Thursday, when Elder W left and Elder Griffin replaced him. Elder Griffin is a fantastic guy and another one of our Utah homeboys! We've already bonded very well, as we have many of the same interests such as music, fantasy, books, movies, and a lot of other nerdy things I never thought I'd think about till I returned from my mission.
Transfers changed a lot of things in our area, besides Elder Griffin, as Sis. Anderson is now training a nice greenie by the name of Sis. Bickmore, and Sis. Trottier has a new companion named Sis. Taylor. Also, I took Elder W's role of District Leader, so pray for me, as I have to do 5 baptismal interviews this Wednesday!
Now for some cool stories.
Thursday Night after getting settled and weekly planning, we met with Sis. Lado. We had a great lesson with her, and she told us that now as she has her Driver's License she will drive herself to church (she's been less active as long as I've been here). So awesome!
Friday we had some awesome miracles happen. We were able to place a B.O.M. when we went to lunch by complete divine intervention to a nice Buddhist who ended up paying for our food! Nice contact for Kong and Chan. We also met with some active members who live in Krokop, who ended up not only knowing Sis. Raca and Sis. Masiori in Kampung Krokop but were friends with them when they went to church! They said they could give a ride if needed also!
Saturday we tried to visit the Kampung Krokop people to tell them the good news, but they had left to their older sister's house or something. So we tried to find some other less actives, and we ran into a man who asked who we were. I said my name and he misheard it, so he replied "Oh, you guys are Christians!" He was too and invited us in since it was raining (per usual). His name was Nicolas and we met with him, his brother Peter, and their friend Anoi who randomly wandered in. We taught the entire first lesson and gave them all a B.O.M. and set up a return appointment for Tuesday. They are super prepared and we both agreed it was a golden contact.
That night we had a welcome dinner for the new senior couple, Elder and Sister Riser. They bore their testimonies and it was really awesome, but the best part was that James came, and he brought his wife Evelyn! We'd never met her before, but she was a very nice lady. They all started fellow-shipping with the members, and the food was delicious.
Sunday was very busy for us, as we tried one more time to meet the K.Krokop people to tell them the good news, but they weren't back yet. The highlight was our lesson with James. He started it with prayer to show that he'd been practicing all week, and it was beautiful. He prayed in Iban. He's read all the way to 1st Nefi 14 and says he's getting better at understanding it. We helped to answer his questions of what words meant, but Sis, Katrina helped a ton. She basically went off and taught the entire lesson. He told us and wants to become clean. That led perfectly into Baptism. He didn't want to set a date yet, but he said he would when he knows it's true, and committed to continue reading, but also to pray morning and night and before he reads. It was one of the best lessons I've ever had.
The Work is True because Christ Lives! I know that!
The Penans are back safe and sound, we are gonna meet this week again! Thank you for your prayers!

Since Sis. Anderson went to Singapore for New Missionary Training, I received my Mom's wonderful New Years Letter! Thank you so much, it really warmed my heart.

Prayer List: James
Penan Clan
Bro. Day
Nicolas, Peter, and Anoi
Bro. Hitam was too sick to go to church this week, still feeling sakit sikit.
The Kampung Krokop people to be able to go to church.-Elder Christensen

 New Companion!

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