Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sorry I'm not responding to much,the Internet isn't good today. Just had to re-set the Internet.
Anyway, Hello Everyone! Life here has been frankly hard this week for a variety of reasons, but it's all ending up a big blessing of how God loves us.
I say it's been hard for a couple reasons, mostly that just about all of our appointments kept canceling. A huge reason for that was the massive amount of rain we've had, which due to superstition, the Ibans all believe will make them sick. I think it must have a crazy placebo effect, as they all DID! A ton of people were sick this week at many different times, for no other reason then the rain. Also, it's been really cold. Pres. Langgie said that the cold winter winds are blowing down from China, and Vietnam already has Snow. There's been a chance of Snow in Malaysia! That would be insane!
Anyway, checking up on people. This is also the Prayer list. So we weren't able to meet with the Kampung Krokop people at all. We even waited an hour outside the Kampung because we had no idea where they were. They've been working insane overtime because of the upcoming Chinese New year, then they went to their sister in law's house. They also don't have a phone, so we never told them they now have a ride to Church!
Nicolas, Peter, and Aloi are amazing, and we did meet this last Wednesday. Unfortunately, we were told their parents don't want us meeting with them. We did set up an idea to meet with them, but their parents live 'far away' and aren't always there. So we will call periodically until we can and explain our purpose. Peter thanked God for sending 'His servants' in the closing prayer.
James wasn't able to come to church this week, as he is a fruit farmer and it was harvest season. He is so excited about everything though, and loves to learn. He apologized for not being able to come.
One the Highlights of this week though, yesterday we were able to bless Bro. Day. Pres. Langgie came with us, and he annointed with Griffin blessing. As soon as the blessing started, he stared crying and shaking. The spirit was super strong. Then, with the blessing ended, Pres. Langgie told him that we will set the date for his Baptism. We will work with him every day til then, starting tonight.
Also, the 5 baptisimal interviews were this last Wednesday. The gift of tongues is real. I was able to understand everything, and they could understand me perfectly. And afterwards, my Malay has gotten expotentially better. God has truly blessed me in the language this week.
Thank you for your love and prayers.

-Elder Christensen

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