Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Patiently waiting for Transfer news is killing me.

Hello beautiful family! This week has been very exciting and stressful and wonderful and whatever else I guess you could call it!!
Calling you was absolutely wonderful last Monday! I love you so much! 

It feels weird to write for this week, as it seems like not much has happened, but so much has at the same time.

I'll just start with some highlights, basically being meeting with Acui and her friends every day this week! They are so great. This week they have completely stopped smoking, and we have been teaching them to read. They usually call us if we are late and ask when we'll show up, until we actually do.  It has been a miracle to see how far they have progressed. They're on date for about 3 weeks from now.  Ela has been doing much better, and Madeline has been slowly warming up.  Ingang is still trying to find a way to church, but we actually taught her husband Pasir last night.
 She still has a strong testimony. We also were referred to some new investigators that Elder Wilson and Hobbs had been teaching, a man named Jerry and his family who live in Ingang's kampung. He was referred to us because he He is much more well off (two cars) and currently apparently is lacking in a view of why we are meeting with him. Other then that he is an very friendly guy. When we met him with Wilson and Hobbs, he expressed that part of his reasoning for wanting to stay in the R.C. church was that he feels that Jesus has blessed him so much already, and he doesn't want to switch for his family's sake. Our hope for him is to help him understand the potential his family has.

Speaking of Wilson and Hobbs, we went on Splits this last Friday, which meant Wilson and Parker stayed at our house while I went with Hobbs. We had a great time, including a lesson preparing one of their Investigators for baptism this next week. Elder Baer, a Chinese Elder and M.T.C. companion of Elder Fletcher from Miri, was also there and he was so kind as to impart of his Li Chi juice before I even asked for it.

Ela and Madelin are slowly warming back up to each other, thank you so much for the prayers.

The other most exciting thing was the PraGawai party this last Saturday at the church. It got a higher attendance than our Sacrament meeting the next day! It was incredibly fun, but we basically spent the entire day at the church decorating and getting ready….A lot of crazy Gawai stuff, including Karaoke, the Poco-Poco, and the Ngajat.

 I have been impressed over and over again this week of the importance of personal conversion. You cannot convert anyone else if you do not have a personal, lasting testimony of the Gospel yourself. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! 

Transfer new is still coming...
-Elder Christensen

I am staying, and becoming District Leader. Elder Parker is becoming a Zone Leader in Bintulu.

I love you all so much!

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