Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hello wonderful people!

Transfer weeks are always memorable for a plethora of reasons. This one was no different.
We spent several days this week just going around to members to say good bye to Elder Parker. With his naturally friendly personality, he had made many friends, so we had many bittersweet experiences. Apparently Acui still calls him up every so-often now that he's gone.
Anyway though, Elder Sutherland is an amazing missionary from the great country of Provo Utah. He's been out almost 15 months now, and so far we have hit it off very well. We are actually very similar in the ways we think, so it's going swimmingly.
Elder Sutherland flew in Thursday night at 10 pm, while Elder Parker bused to Bintulu at 10 am. So for basically the entire day I followed Elders Baranov and Misa. We went out to a pretty Kampung-y area called Sentosa and had a blast. We also met with a returned missionary from Kota Kinabalu (in Sabah) named Michael Song who apparently still goes around doing missionary work, having served in our mission. He was there visiting some family. He was a really cool guy though, and also came to church with us on Sunday.
Speaking of Church, Acui and friends continue to progress fantastically. We went to our usual 9:30 branch council meeting, and when we were already in President Balley's office, Elder Bues came up to say that Acui and friends had already arrived. Sacrament was the most reverent it's ever been. We  had three confirmations that day, all member child baptisms from the night before.
That night before we had come to help get ready for those baptisms, but got dragged into Branch 1's Gawai party. It was fun, but not to brag or anything, but our's was better. Food was good as always though.
Sunday night we also met with Acui and Friends and taught Baptism as part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They'll be baptised in two weeks, so we were asking them how the felt about their testimonies and if the church was true, and Lena replied "Of Course it's true Elders, why wouldn't it be?" They are so amazing it almost kills me.
What also was cool is that Elder Baranov and Elder Sutherland were both Elder Bester's trainers, who moved into the other house when Elder Wilson moved. Big ol' family reunion.
And that's really it for the week. Weird.
Anyway, I am very excited with my new calling as District Leader, and the more I think about it the more ready I feel. I know I can do a lot of good while I'm here. The Lord is with me and the work keeps moving forward!

-Elder Christensen

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