Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This is how I'm starting the letter because I don't know how else to start it :-)

Hello family! This week has been an interesting one, filled with good and bad alike. Last Monday's Rugby was incredibly fun, I've never played rugby before but I actually really enjoyed it. We're actually playing it again today, but it's also Elder Jackson's birthday and we're throwing a party for him at K.F.C. (don't tell!).
We had a great family night that night at Acui's house, mostly based on watching Finding Faith in Christ.

Well, to be honest so much has happened after that I don't remember what days they happened, so I'll just ramble for a while. 
After last week's sickness, I'm basically fine now, though I'm being much more careful about what eat at least as far as nutrition is concerned. Elder Sutherland is part of that, as he sometimes is still feeling sick. He will take de-worming pills this next week. We are doing fine though, don't worry about us! We have had some very fun and delicious meals at home this last week accordingly, including Pasta and very American tasting lunch sandwiches!

Acui is still doing fantastic. Dundang is still awesome. Kenyang and Lena are on date to be baptized the Saturday after this next one. We had a lesson where we found out that Lena hasn't been really understanding much of what we have been teaching this whole time. At one point she actually went really quiet, as the spirit whispered that she hasn't yet put in the personal effort to really study the gospel. It's really hard for her, learning in a language that isn't her own and not being able to read. I'm not worried about her though, it's just her personal refiners fire.

Jerry is doing great, they still haven't had the opportunity to go to church, but we still had an amazing lesson with them about the role of the Holy Ghost and who he is. We're hoping to extend a better invitation for church this week, but they're very open to it right now.

We haven't been able to meet with Ingang or Nyabong due to extenuating circumstances, but they're still doing alright. We managed to learn more about the possibility of a van for Ingang, but we have no solid information right now.

We got to meet again with Sister Daung. It was kind of cool as we went after our other appointments fell through Saturday night. The next morning, she paid for a private taxi (not cheap) to take her to church. That was a real sacrifice for her, and the first time since I've been here that she's come. It was very touching to see that.

Last night, Garra, a member from branch 1, came to our house and asked us to help give a blessing to his son. He has the Melchizedek priesthood, but didn't remember how to do it himself. Elder Misa anointed, and Elder Sutherland gave the blessing. It was a sweet experience.

This last Tuesday we had a fantastic District Counsel. I'd been stressing about what I was going to do for the training, but after some fantastic discussion with Elder Sutherland, I threw all the stressful stuff out the window and went completely off the Spirit. The result was a Blues Clues analogy resulting in a creation of a new District Counsel format in which we discuss President Main's weekly message and together choose an application to try as a District. It was wonderful and Glorious, and Elders Bester and Hobbs brought Paus for everyone!

Well, Life is Good! I hope it's the same for you! 
Love you!

-Elder Christensen

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