Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sometimes I just stare at the Book of Mormon and think about how weak and simple we really are...
(Seriously though that Book is like, the coolest).

Hello family! This week was enjoyable and trying and awesome and crazy all rolled up into one piece of American Pie or something like that.
After Emailing last week I got a flat tire, so we just walked home and slept for our PDay activity. 
UNTIL: The Amazing Family night at Ella's house!
Since it was Zone Council the next day, we had all the Elders from Sibu Jaya and Mukah staying over at our house. Ella has some sort of 6th sense or something, and ordered us to bring all Elders that were available to come over as well. She personally went over to pick up Acui and bring her back, and we had a blast. I put too much chili in my delicious noodle soup however, but it wasn't bad at all.

The next morning was Zone Council, and it was definitely the best Zone Council I have had yet. Elder Misa and Elder Jackson did a fantastic job preparing for it, and the spirit was super strong. We were all able to receive revelation from Heaven, and even spontaneously decided to do a Zone fast for families to be brought to the gospel this week. We ate at the Healthy place again, it was actually better tasting this time.

Well, nothing else specific happened for the next couple of days, but people are doing well. We were able to meet with Jerry's family with Elder and Sister Beus. That family continues to do fantastically, and we invited them to attend Dundang's baptism and his confirmation. They said they would come if nothing conflicted.
Remember that, it's an important plot point later.
We actually weren't able to meet with Ingang. Things kept happening it seemed that prevent us from going or prevented her from being available, but she seems to be doing alright over the phone.
Nyabong actually turned out to be a great lesson. We met with him one night, although almost none of his family was there with him, but it turns out that he was super prepared. It's crazy how much the prepared people seem to be following the story of Joseph Smith in their own lives, as he definitely was searching for truth, but knew not where to find it.
And on top of that Dundang passed his baptismal interview! He is so humble and simple, but his faith is strong.

Well, the rest of the story starts Thursday night when Elder Sutherland started to feel sick. It wasn't too bad, but Friday night we both suddenly crashed. The next day we suddenly were almost bedridden, nauseated stomachs and headaches only really, but on top of that our phone ran out of credit for about a day. It might have been food poisoning, but we made some healthy sandwiches which were the most delicious thing I've eaten in a long time.That basically meant Saturday was spent in bed until we got going to get the church ready for Dundang's Baptism that night. Through the grace of God we were able to have the strength to do all we hoped to do, and the Baptism went beautifully. Acui did the talk on Baptism (altough Ella apparently wrote it for her) and Jubang, Elder Bester and Elder Hobb's recent convert, did the one on the Holy Ghost. When it came time for Dundang's testimony, it was absolutely beautiful. He has the purest faith of anyone I've probably ever met, and apparently he had moved some ways away but walked an hour to get to church. 
He did so again the next morning for church, and also we were miraculously healed. He had asked Elder Sutherland to baptize him, then asked me to give him the confirmation. That blessing said that one day he would be able to read and understand the scriptures for himself, and told him how much God loved him. It was so awesome. 
(Jerry's family never showed up, but we assume it was because of other things conflicting).

Other then that, we taught Kenyang and Lena last night, their date is for about 3 weeks from this last one!

I have never been so blessed as I have in the mission field, and I know I have never been a part of anything more important.
I love you all!

-Elder Christensen

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