Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


So much has happened, I'll probably not cover it all, but it's all okay! HERE WE GO!

Last Monday we had a very fun family night at Acui's house. Ella, Madeline, Bro. Kong, and Elder Bester and Elder Hobbs all attended, as well as Kenyang's family and Dundong! It was a great night, and we reenacted Lehi's Dream as a giant group. I also finally got a video of Hai Su Ka, it's coming home on the memory card.

Tuesday the Beus's invited us all over to their house for farewell lunch and District Meeting. The District here has seen some big changes this transfer, with our beloved Zone Leader Elder Baranov going to K.K., Elder Broadhead (Chinese Elder) going to Singapore for his last 6 weeks, and they took two Elders out of Branch 1, Elder Berger and Elder Jensen. A massive group had gone home, so they had to shut down some areas until next transfer, when we are getting 16 new missionaries!
They fed us Chili and Potatoes with REAL CHEESE afterwards!
That night we had a cool miracle. We had found out the Madeline's Husband had an off day on Tuesdays, so we were able to actually teach a lesson with him fully present! He is an awesome, clean cut Chinese man. We still don't understand how the previous Elders never taught him. He's awesome, and as Elder Sutherland was a boss with his Plan of Salvation example, Ting Su Lung was very attentive and asked many good questions. Although he works on Sunday, we feel he has a ton of potential.

Wednesday we got some new potential Investigators out in Seruan Jaya, not too far from Ingang's house. We really have only met with Nyabong, the father, and his 6 year old son Ronny. Nyabong works as a Security Guard at Lakeside Restaurant in the local city park. We had contacted them before, and that day we taught them the first half of the Restoration. They're great, and we plan to meet them again this week.

Thursday we saw off Elder Baranov, it's sad to see our half-Chinese Russian Ancestry Californian go, but the day was still fun as Elder Sutherland and I went out to Secolony's house to help his older brother-in-law build an extension on his house! It went very well, although it was basically just about 4 hours of back-breaking labor. I testify to the power of morning exercise when utilized correctly.
Elder Sutherland's tire had mysteriously gone flat while we were doing that, so we walked to some local shop-lots and ate at a Ramadan Bazaar while it was getting fixed. Best food I've had since Miri! (That last sentence might be a lie).
That night we got to do another lesson with Acui and friends, they told us about a accident that had happened that morning with two people that died in a moto-crash. The spirit's gentle voice told us to use the experience to teach about Temples, and we did so. It was a beautiful lesson, and they seemed to understand it very well.

Friday we did weekly planning and went to a Branch Missionary Council meeting, but I got a flat tire on the way there. Brother Jubang apparently opened his own Ramly Berger stand, so it was all worth it though. We had to walk home.

Saturday and Sunday were DISTRICT CONFERENCE! We had a couple sessions we were needed to attend, but it was awesome. Basically we were able to see all of the members from Sibu Jaya and Mukah come. It was the most people I've seen in a chapel since Utah, and it was awesome. President and Sister Mains also came, and it was great.
Also, Last night we had a lesson with the Mukah Elders following us, they are staying here until Zone Council this Tuesday. They taught a lesson while we verified with Dundong how ready he was to be baptized, and he should be baptized this Saturday! He is so awesome, and his conversion story has been filled with miracles and trials, but he's passed them all.

One other cool Miracle was that of Elder Kwok. He's a returned missionary that served here in 2010 that came back for the week of District Conference. It was so awesome that he was able to show us where many less actives lived, and hung out a lot. It was really fun to have him around.

-Elder Christensen

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