Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This letter seems like it's really just a part two of last week's, but here we go!
Hello Family! I love you so much but this work is starting to give you a run for it's money! Missionary work is like, the coolest. (I still love you more though, don't worry Seth).

Anyway, Wednesday on the way back from Singapore we had some crazy experiences happen. For some reason, after we all got to Kutching on our transit flights, we were all on 3 different flights from there to Sibu. Elders Bester, Sutherland, and I were all alone on the first one, and everyone else came later. We arrived there maybe 5 o' clock in the afternoon, to find everthing we were looking for EXCEPT Elder Bester's luggage. We filed the report and went home to end up waiting for a couple hours for his companion, Elder Hobbs to show up. He also got sick while he was there.
After that was all resolved we had a lesson at Madeline's house, the first since she's been back from Kampung. We stood on her porch for a while debating for a while because she has never had Elders that followed the male-present rule before we came, so we talked through the door until Bro. Kong and Manas showed up! We then proceeded to have a great lesson with her and Chong, until her husband came in from work! It's only the second time I have met him, but it was great. He's a very nice and clean-cut guy, great father, just never had much interest in the church. We were able to associate with him a lot, shared some scriptures, and arranged to maybe play badminton with him and Chong on his day off (tomorrow!).

Thursday was basically weekly planning and our lesson at Jerry's house. They all have been reading still and we were able to share 3rd Nephi 11 with them, and connected it to scripture reading by explaining how the Nephites recognized the Savior when he came because they had searched the Prophesies of his coming. It was very spiritual and they seemed to enjoy it. Also, we found out that the last flight from Sibu the day before had been canceled so all the other Elders had been put in some 5 star hotel overnight. Lucky Ducks, all of them!

Friday we found a less active that we haven't known the address for for a while, they're names being Anthony and Rinya. It was great to find them at home, they live not too far from the church and have two crazy young boys under 6 years old. They're pretty wild, but it's nothing new having lived in our family.
We also met Kenyang's family, as Acui wasn't home. The lesson was answering some questions they had, but the last part with Dundong helping Senia pray with his stuttering voice was one of the most precious memories of my life.

Saturday, English class went really well. We tried to focus on teaching more phrases than individual words, and used another I'm a Mormon to teach it.
That night though, we were going back through our neighborhood to visit Kampung Bahagia and Brother Janggu, when we saw two men fighting in the road to Acui's house. The long and short of it was that APPARENTLY Saturday was the last day of Gawai, and Kenyang had gotten drunk at work. Walking home, his mouth had been shooting off some awful falsehoods, and although Dundong is one of the quietest and kindest people I have ever met, he is incredibly ripped and ended up injuring Kenyang's arm when Kenjang tried to hit him. We were most definitely in the right place at the right time, though we really didn't do anything but be there. It wasn't really that bad, and we were able to just talk with them all for a while.

After that, Sunday night we got to teach them the Parable of the servant that won't forgive his fellow servant, and taught forgiveness. They understood it almost perfectly

which was a miracle by itself, and by the grace of God the issue has already been resolved. Dundong will be baptised in about 2 weeks, while Kenyang and Lena and Senia will wait a little longer.

Thank you so much for the mountain of letters and goodies I picked up at Zone Conference! I can't say how much pleasure it is to hear people say that my family must love me whenever they see them! (I have been sharing, don't worry).

The Savior's atoning power is SO REAL! I love it so much!

-Elder Christensen

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