Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello Family!

Things were so crazy this last week. So many Miracles, so much Love, so many amazing things, I have to only fit in the best things.

We literally met Merang's family every day this week to help them get ready, and they most definitely were! Their baptism was incredibly spiritual, and we had almost the entire branch there, including half of branch 1 attending. The mother, Doo Abun, wanted to wait a week for personal reasons (no worthiness issues, just other things). Merang bore a testimony of how he had doubts in a living prophet, until the 3rd lesson. By then he just knew. Caroline said she was just following her family until she felt the spirit changing her, bit by bit. Tracy just stood up, said she used to think the church wasn't true, then couldn't say anything for about 5 minutes before closing and sitting down. Doo Abun is already asking when she can go to the temple. Bro. Kong and David Kong will probably become their home teachers.

District Meeting was amazing. We all read ch.13 in Preach My Gospel. The branches here have many issues, and we discussed for a while before Sister Bodell asked if we had ever considered doing a fast for the things we were talking about. We did so Thursday, and closed it together at some American food restaurant that isn't expensive that I had no idea existed until now (WHAT). It was amazing, and so many good things already happened.

Sunday, the confirmations were powerful. President Balley had been sick the last week, and he asked us to give him a blessing. Then Brother Gaadong had the same request. Then he asked us to give his entire family a blessing. It was awesome, but by the end it was physically exhausting.
After that we went out and followed up with a new family, a certain Matu being the dad. He was interested in meeting again, and asked us to help him quit smoking. 
The biggest miracle though, was Jerry. He wasn't able to attend church because his entire body was achy and sick. The Thursday before we had met him, almost planning to drop him. Thankfully, we didn't have to. But we did teach Moroni 8, stating how Jesus himself condemns infant baptism and that all people who condone it will fall one day. For the first time, Jerry really considered what we taught, and said he'll 'have to pray about it tonight, to see what is true'. Of course, we supported him, and he also was surprisingly praying in the right manner. That Saturday night we gave him a priesthood blessing as well, and he told us that right now he feels like he's wandering in darkness and the only time that he feels light is when we come. He said he feels like he got some proof of our message because he was working and felt sick. At that time, we had called to follow up with something randomly. We asked how he was doing, asked us to pray for him. We did so. He said that 15 minutes later he felt completely fine and did more work then anyone there. As soon as he was done though, he got really sick again and his brother-in-law took him home. He is so close.
We found out what will be happening to me this week. Elder Beliang will be leaving Wednesday morning for the MTC and the temple in the Phillipines, and I will be entering a threesome with Elders Hobbs and McCown for the next two weeks.Thank you for your prayers! Love you!

-Elder Christensen

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