Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm sorry, there's no real big awesom

e story this time around, this week has been a long and harder one across the District. I've never seen so many appointments fall through in one week. During reporting last night we determined that the old serpent has been working hard on us, but Elder Hobbs, with his ever optimistic perspective, said that it is only because we are so close to the Baptism goal with two months to go in the year!

The week was mostly taken up in baptismal interviews, moving into Elder Hobbs and McCown's house, and getting 4 people ready for their baptismon Saturday! Sister Doo Abun was more than ready, and the others that were baptised were two teenage boys that Elder Hobbs and McCown had been teaching before. Their dad opened up extremely well at the baptism, and we will be meeting their family again later today. Also, Corina was a lady that moved here from Miri and had already been taught by the missionaries. Elder Hobbs and McCown had finished her teaching and also baptized her this week. 
Merang has been interviewed, but will receive the priesthood next week. He did get an amazing talk at the baptismal service about the Holy Ghost though :-) Our Branch Mission Leader asked him to.

Saturday morning we were asked to help with a calling training for the District (translating) and with a Youth Activity in our branch (cooking). We ended up not cooking, but we did watch the Testaments. That was fun, and a lot of people came.

Kelvinson and Ignatius have also arranged for us to talk with their dad tomorrow, so that we can explain their desire and ask his permission for them to be baptized probably next week.

Jerry was late from work, but we still had a shorter lesson with him. He's simply waiting for a confirmation from God that this church is true, but I think he isn't as much searching his feelings and listening to the spirit as waiting for a dream.

Well, that's really it. It's been good, and I'll be in a threesome for only one more week for sure. It's crazy though, trying to manage all of Branch 2 together. Not bad at all though, just very busy and a lot more biking :-)
Love you so much!

-Elder Christensen

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