Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello family!

This last week has been long, hard, glorious, uplifting, and edifying for a myriad of reasons.

I think the best way to do this would be to tell you the end results:
  • Kelvinson and Ignatius are now on date for this week, we were able to meet their dad who freely gave permission for them.
  • Siti is now on date for the same day, she felt that she had been prepared (plus that Sister Doo Abun has been helping her immensely).
  • Norina had an amazingly spiritual experience through prayer, scripture study and a youth activity and no longer wants to wait for her family to be ready, and asked us to baptize her secepat munkin (ASAP). She's also on date for this week!
  • We got a referral from the Elders in Kutching, an man named Nila. He had been in the Hospital, and whilst there some one had given him a Book of Mormon. His cousin had also been baptized, and Nila asked him how he had overcome his W.O.W. issues. He had met with Elders a couple times, and told us he wants to be baptized, stop smoking, attend church, and read the Kitab Mormon. Elder McCown called it 'literally the dream of every missionary come true'. He also lives with a family of relatives, Johnny and his family.
  • President Balley has recently been on a major Branch Mission Effort kick, and has been sending members to visit less actives and those that are struggling like crazy.
  • Jerry has continued to do well, we had a great lesson with him about the ways the Spirit talks to us. He related to us a dreams that he had years ago where he was on a dark cliff holding his scriptures and next to an iron rod. A voice asked him where he wanted to go, and he said continuing on the path. The voice them told him to hold the scriptures in his mouth and hold on to the rod with both hands before he could continue. Because of that dream, we were able to help him completely accept the Book of Mormon as the word of God.
  • Merang asked me to ordain him a Priest yesterday, and it was a beautiful blessing, blessing him specifically to be aware of and learn about the right to the ministering of angels.
  • NOTHING happened for my birthday because I didn't tell anyone! I didn't want it to be any different.
Anyway, that's probably 20 percent of what happened this week, but it's the best stuff! Love you so much!

-Elder Christensen

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