Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello wonder family!
Enough formalities, here's this weeks story.
We had a crazy couple days on Monday and Tuesday, as both Elder Hobbs and Elder McCown were transferring. Monday night we had a great F.H.E. at the house of a less actives house (who came to church this week) named Sister Daisey and her two sons. Brother James and Brother David Kong both came, and Elder McCown got to kill a chicken. It was pretty good.
The rest of the week was full of random, crazy things happening, all seeming to be pointed at preventing the 4 baptisms that were scheduled for last Saturday. Through Faith, prayers and diligence though they were all overcome! Tuesday I had to go on exchanges with Brother David and James again to meet with all those that were being baptized to finish the lessons, as Wednesday and Thursday I went to Singapore with Elder South to pick up Elder Beliang. Elder South and I got up at 5 a.m. for our flight, and I almost forgot my passport, but it was a good flight. 
In Singapore we stopped by the 2 dollar tie shop, and I finally got new ties for the first time in my mission. I realized I've been wearing the same 6 ties with the exact same 6 pants every day of my mission so far, finally able to switch it up a little bit.
The Train the Trainers meeting that night was fun also, but the A.P.'s told me apparently is was a fluke that they had sent me there. I'm grateful I went though, Elder Beliang loved the M.T.C. and the Temple, and it's already been great to have him back. Elder South's trainee's name is Elder Wimmer from South Jordan, and he and Elder South are already working great together.
The next morning was the new missionary orientation, which went late a little bit so the four of us headed straight to the airport. We arrived just after the gate closed, but they were merciful and rerouted our flight to go through K.L. later that day. It was fun to visit the butterfly garden and the free calf massages again. Both of our flights in Singapore and K.L. were delayed due to rain, and Elder Beliang and I didn't get home until past midnight. It might have been a little tender mercy that both of us slept through our alarms the next morning.
Friday picked up well although we got started late, and we headed out to Permai jaya to finish lesson 5 with Kelvinson and Ignatius. However, a massive rainstorm hit and we took shelter (and our dinner hour) at the Lakeside Restaurant. Also, the Zone Leaders had been in Singapore for M.L.C. and their flight was also delayed due to rain, but they still arrived in time for us to go on splits with them and do Norina's baptismal interview as well as Kelvinson and Ignatius. Due to the grace of God they all passed! Saturday was accordingly spent mostly in preparing and getting every thing arranged, and it went beautifully. We hope to find some new investigators this week, as we have now just baptized almost all of our 'on-date' investigators now, as well as teaching a lot of recent convert lessons!
Sunday was a good day, we have entered another threesome with Elder Weston, as his companion, Elder Vincent, and also Elder Liddle have not yet arrived. Immigration problems in K.L.
Speaking of that, Elder South had a cool experience. We were in line for passports in K.L. the same day that Elder Vincent and Elder Liddle got held up, and Elder South got strongly prompted to move to the line that I was in. No problems, so that's a good thing.
Love you so much! Thank you for the prayers!

-Elder Christensen

The Baptisms of Narina, Kelvinson, Ignatius and Siti.  Bro. Merang, who was baptized two weeks ago, performed the baptism for Siti.  On the far right is Elder Beliang, back from the MTC and happily endowed! 

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