Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thank you for the prayers!

Well, I don't even know what to write now.
So many things have been happening this week that events keep overriding each other. 
I'll have to remember it backwards.
Last night, Elder Jackson told me during reporting that he feels that the Zone is becoming a War Zone. We have exceeded our Baptismal goal and are now going for a 100, and accordingly the devil is pretty mad (as always). He's marshaling his forces, but the missionaries here are ready for the storm. I personally never have felt so motivated.
Sunday, Merang blessed the Sacrament for the first time. President Chua also asked him to accept a calling as the Seminary instructor, and he agreed. Kelvinson also was interviewed to become a deacon.
Saturday we went out to the edge of our area to visit Kampung Sungai Aup, a place I have only visited twice before, and I had a strong awakening experience. I finally realize more why the Iban people keep wanting to go back. It was the purest Iban place I've been to, and it wasn't dirty, smelly, drunk and dark like others I've been to. It was a community of homes, relatives, and happy families with husbands holding permanent jobs, with children attending school, where a person just felt peaceful.
It was a little like Heaven.
We met the Lord of the older longhouse there, a woman named Catherine. She was a strong R.C. member, but her 20+ son had been on MH370. We offered ourselves as ministers of Jesus Christ, and read from the Book of Mormon with her. Before we started, she had expressed that she had felt no peace since the event, as she still does not even know if her son is alive or dead. She had no idea why God would cause such a thing to happen to her, and had consigned to simply continue until she left this life. It was one of the most spiritually driven lessons I have ever experienced, and we testified boldly of the Saviors power to bring peace and resolutions. I shared the story of the boy that fell on the train tracks, and testified that if she read the Book of Mormon and prayed, God would tell her what she wanted to know and help her find peace. In response to her questions, we shared the message of the Restoration. She had apparently met Elders in Kutching that had shared with her a Book of Mormon in English, but we gave her one in Malay.

In other news, Elder Vincent finally made it here safely, and he and Elder Weston have been extremely impressed with the members and the work to do. Ju and Amil are in they're area, so they started teaching them. We also found some potential investigators, Edi and his family and a lot of other people that we hope to follow up with today.

Love you so much, thank you for the prayers!

-Elder Christensen

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