Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello everyone! Things have been great so far for this week, very long and crazy, miracles and trials intermingled throughout!

So, Monday due to the sickness of last week, the 4 Elders in our house skipped out on the Zone Activity with the possibility of Hospitalization. Since it didn't happen and we are all fine, Elder Hobbs and I did another Escape room. This one was a Murder Investigation theme, and it was way fun. We barely finished it with a minute to spare.

Tuesday, Elder Hobbs gave a great training based on the idea of putting your heart in the work, so that you want to follow the commandments more then feel regulated by them.

To be honest, I can only remember those events in relation to knowing specifically when they happened. We have been finishing up a massive project that we have been doing for about 3 weeks when we found 3 old area books and have been following up with every former and less active record in them. Part of why we did this was to try and break out of a certain part of our area that the missionaries have been working in for years, where, as Elder Poppleton was telling me he observed from a year ago serving in Kuching, that all the members that are active now as compared to then are different except the Branch President. We finished all we had to do in that area, as with all that work only 2 kingdom builder families have been found. We hope no to explore all our area this next week to find some more non-Chinese neighbourhoods.
Also, the Teachings of President Heber J. Grant is an amazing book that I relate to incredibly for some reason.

We had two miracles come from the follow up though. One was that the parents of a recent convert 12 year old boy, Augustine, have suddenly become very receptive. We taught them the Restoration, and his mom seemed to really enjoy it. She's a little more educated, and helped translate for the father, but anyone could have understood the spirit in that room. They invited us back and live within walking distance of the church. The names are Ali and Ani (dad and mom).
The other was a less active follow up. The Mother, Sister Sai, has been coming back to activity with some friends, and we have started teaching her 17 year old son Jimmy. We hope to have him on date and at church this week.

Now, the one big trial was that we had an instance of straight up rejection. That Chinese iban mix man that we found last week decided that we were decievers and fools after 3 minutes in his house this time around, and I spent Personal this morning figuring out why it says we feel joy and happiness because of that in D&C 75. It's good though, because it means that this church is true. We even used that experience almost immediately after to help a family of struggling eternal investigators.

Anyway, last night after an emotionally draining week Elder Poppleton and I found a great stress relief in creating fictional quotes from a man named Elder Rhineberg, an apostle of the FLDS church in 1970. It was hilarious. We get along too well, it's almost scary. Another 6 weeks together, and now he's my District Leader!
Love you all so much!

-Elder Christensen

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