Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello beautiful Children of God!
This last week was insane for a number of reasons, but far from un-enjoyable!

Monday was a weird day of transfer preparation mostly, especially as both Elders Hobbs and Tan were leaving from our household. That night though we went to Alim and Ani's house, who informed us that they had just brought back their daughter from the hospital. She's had some sort of fever, and they asked us to sembayang for her (worship). We ended up explaining a little about Priesthood blessings before we administered to her, I anointed and Elder Poppleton blessed.

Tuesday, literally the entire day after District Meeting, was involved in helping the Sisters move from their old apartment to their new one. It was a lot of fun though, and we got really sweaty and dirty. Elders Bester, Poppleton, and I were assigned to bring everything from the old apartment to the parking lot.

Wednesday was the bitter-sweet day of saying good bye to Elders Hobbs and Tan as they left for the airport. We helped them out in the morning, Elder Hobbs was up until early finishing packing. That night we met with one of the potentials we had, a friend of a member named Suni. His name was Laman (Lah-man, not LAMAN), and we were welcomed by him and his friend Thomas. It was kind of a weird lesson though, as Thomas kept asking us about immigration to America while Laman was genuinely interested. We haven't had a follow up lesson yet with them.

Thursday we were waiting for the new Elders to arrive, until we found out that they were delayed until Friday. So we did Weekly Planning. We also had a great opportunity to correlate with the Sisters that replaced Elders Hobbs and Tan, Sister Anderson and Sister Willis, This is Sister Anderson's last transfer in the mission, which means that the end of this transfer the Sisters of our group will go home. Sad day!

Friday we welcomed the new Elders into our house! Elder Stenquist has been out for 4 transfers, and Elder Tessers is fresh from the M.T.C. It's been a lot of fun to have them there, and we have all gotten along very well. 

Saturday we followed up with a former from Elder Hobbs's area book who let us in, his name being Bah. He's a very nice man, loves learning about Jesus, but reminds me a lot of Jerry from Sibu. We talked for a while, but what seemed to interest him the most was the concept of Prophets and Gospel Dispensations. Also, I had a written letter in my bag to send home, and it might have fallen out in his house. I'll need to get it back.

Sunday was very spiritual, a lot of less actives who hadn't come all came at once, but sadly none of our investigators. One sister bore powerful testimony of how the Savior had helped her to overcome her husband cheating on her, and now, a year later, she was strong enough to endure everything. Last night, after finding a less active, we were prompted by the spirit to leave as we didn't feel safe. Elder Poppleton was slightly disappointed as he has always wanted to beat up some thieves. We had a delicious break-fast Sunday dinner of spaghetti though.
Love you all so much! The work is picking up, and this transfer will be miraculous!

-Elder Christensen

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