Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Wonder Family!

I won't lie, this week was a very rough one.
BEFORE you stress yourself mother, I am not discouraged about anything except my own weaknesses and imperfections. God has allowed weeks like this to occur before, because it always prepared my companionships to do the work He needed us to, and to have time that he needed us to spend for miracle families.
The problem facing us now is finding those people.
Here's the week in short.
Laman decided to not want to learn as he holds to Agama Lama, or the Iban traditional worship (devil worship, more or less). He is still friends with a member, Brother Sani, and we gave him a Kitab Mormon, and he is definitely prepared. We can only pray for him at this point though, and he does still have interest in the church.
We had a sad story with Alim and Ani. We came over to have a member-present lesson when we found that Ani had taken the children and all of her things before basically moving back in with her parents. She left on Thursday, and we were able to sit down with Alim on Friday and talk about what happened. We were able to testify of the power of 'at-one-ment', and he asked us two questions. 'How can He really know what I feel in my heart', and 'Do you feel in your heart that she will come back to me'. To be honest, I wasn't very confident in answering that second one. We told him simply about agency and promised him the blessings God can give. We went back the next day with Bro. Pelima to find that he also moved out by then.
The one hopeful investigator group we have was Dion. His situation has not changed with his marriage certificate or his job, but we had a great battle planning session with him to overcome his challenges. We are going back with President Changai this week to start getting him a better job to attend church, and he is going back to kampung for Chinese New Year to get the certificate. We fasted for him and everyone else yesterday.
Besides that, we had many fruitless hours of exploring and contacting in our area. Well, fruitless in the way that we did not find any new investigators yet, but we did a lot of good things in finding new parts of our area to find people. We also had 200 Ringgit of bike repairs, but the week ended today with an amazing full day trip to the isle of BAKO! A beautiful island paradise, and I am so sorry that the internet is so slow right now due to the excessive amount of Asian kids playing Dota so late in the evening that pictures cannot be sent. I might be able to send them tomorrow, but remember that I love you all! 
Wednesday we went on Exchanges with the Batu Kawa Elders. I was with Elder Stowell in their area for the day, and it literally rained all day long. Not a heavy rain, more like a fine misty rain. Unusualy. We did see some cool things happen though. At one appointment with a less active we met her relative that lived up in Matang and gave us his name and number to meet the Elders there. That night we were about to get in a car with a sister to go to an appointment with a family on date for the end of this month, but she was going alone. I went and asked the husband to follow, explaining the white handbook rule. He put on his shoes and hat and followed as well! I didn't know it at the time but he has been inactive for years and never followed the missionaries until that night. Have a great day!
-Elder Christensen

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