Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello Wonderful Family! 

Probably a shorter letter today, I have a lot of emails to respond to from last week. But that's a great problem to have!

Zone meeting was great this last Tuesday. The mission focus right now is trying to always be sensitive to the spirit, so that we could always be ready to take every opportunity to share the gospel. Door contacting is getting less and less prevalent or effective, but President believes that, when we are worthy, we will be able to see such opportunities come every day. 

Our Opportunity came at the end of the week, after a week of exploring, contacting, and 2 flats tires (one each). That might be leading us to the realization that Tabuan Dayak might be the only place that Elders and Sisters have been doing work for a reason. Everywhere else is industrial, Chinese, or private neighbourhoods. Maybe. 
Anyway, last night we met with a less active, Sister Sai, and her 17 year old non member son, Jimmy. We had been wondering about Jimmy before, but he had never really showed much hope. He has a lot of friends from other churches, and seemed a little apprehensive about meeting with us. We were able to sit with him and his mother though, and answered some questions he had about Jesus Christ and what will happen to other churches. The lesson lead into baptism, and he accepted to test Moroni's promise that night, and to be baptised if he knew it was true. It was an awesome miracle, and a great pick me up after a long week.

Saturday was a fun day as well, with a greatly planned Branch Valentines day party. We are so lucky to have President Changgai. He planned it entirely around increasing the love in the family, and Elder and Sister Slider were the keynote speakers. We also sang 'love is spoken here' with the sisters.

Love you all so much! We just got haircuts and have a nice, relaxing p-day planned.
Love you!

-Elder Christensen

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