Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dear Family

This last week has been really fun and long, but not as much to tell. Here we go!

P-day was a fun game day at the church as a zone. We played a lot of games and brought food in commeration of Sister Anderson going home TOMORROW. That's weird that our Sister in our group is already leaving. It was fun, but I got a massive blood-blister on the bottom of my foot (don't worry I popped it the next morning).

Wednesday was the mission tour with Elder Randy Funke of the 70. It was great to see President Mains two weeks in a row, and also the Sibu Elders flew in to attend it with us in Kuching. We were taught a lot about faith, and also how to teach the Restoration with a renewed focus on testifying.

Some cool miracles: We had two investigators progress a lot this last week. We found from an old teaching record for Jimmy's father that Jimmy had an older brother die in a car accident. We had a lesson purely testifying about the Plan of Salvation. He seemed to be affected by it, and asked a lot of questions about if other churches also had the Power of God.
Elekson was the other one. He is the husband of a less active member, Valorie, who has never had a lot of interest. We hadn't met them for a while, so we taught the Restoration making out testimonies the focus of the lesson, not the doctrine. He couldn't look us in the eye as we spoke, and said that he could feel something trying to enter his heart but every time it did he remembered that the Anglican church had already baptised him. He wanted to come to church, and hoped he would get home from church early enough to do it. We said we could all pray to help him do it, and the next day he brought his entire family to church, although they left for 1 hour.

Saturday and Sunday, the family history specialists from Hong Kong came and did some great trainings and presentations that we helped translate for, but they somehow came to think that Elder Poppleton is fluent in Chinese and a computer genius because he helped them change the keyboard language. They told all the chinese members to talk to him, so it's probably a good thing that he's getting transfered to Sibu, in my old area, as District leader! He's going to do great, and I'm moving on to Z.L. of Kuching! 
(Coy's new companion will be Elder O'Bryan).
Life is great! Love you all!
-Elder Christensen

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