Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello Everyone!

We are currently sitting at Changi airport after Zone Conference, thought I would write a quick letter for our week until now.

Monday night we started exchanges with Elders Stowell and Elder Jensen. Elder Stowell had served in this area before, so we were able to stop by and say high to a lot of less actives he had met before, it seemed to be a good thing for them.

Tuesday morning was District Meeting, which was actually mostly me. Elder Poppleton had felt to ask me share some insights we had been talking about, especially about how you can be Obedient without really being righteous, like Laman and Lemuel, or the Pharisees. It led to a lot of really good discussion, and turned mostly to Charity by the end.
Lunch at Cheese and Tea was good.

After doing The Thing for a while, Elder Stowell and I went to some places for contacting. He is a red head from Utah, and very nerdy about movies and such, so I listened to his rant plesently all day long. He had remembered a potential family that had a talking parrot, but they were all asleep when we arrived at Jalan Kedandi, but their next door neighbor Kevin, a chinese man, Buddhist, was kind enough to give the time of day. We had the common ground of a belief in Heaven, so we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with the Chinese Elders number.
Later we had felt to go to a place called Tabuan Laru, where we found that the Sisters in our branch had also went that day! Elder Stowell said that if we had both felt to go there, there was obviously a purpose behind it. We said a prayer and walked two houses down before turning and talking to an old Iban man sitting outside his house named Vincent. He had been given an English B.O.M. by a seniour couple a while before, so we gave him a copy in Malay.

Wednesday we arose, packed, and cleaned the house until the Taxi took us to the Airport for Zone Conference! We flew to Singapore for our annual 90 day visa run and three day stay and conference, but our flight was unusually late due to Chinese New Year. We got to the stake center about 7 P.M. to eat ice cream and see the end of what I'm sure was a good activity about presenting yourself in 30 seconds. We went to the hotel afterwards.

Thursday brerakfast was at Subway, and a glorious day of Spiritual Enlightment followed. The morning session was based on faith and how we build it, with a new mission vision for 2015 and standards of excellence. We have been challenged to do three things, find a new potential every day, two new investigators a week, and have an ultimate goal of baptising weekly as a Zone. It's been so amazing to see how much the mission itself has been building itself up since I've been here, and TODAY is my six month mark.
Lunch was all you could eat pizza with the mission slide show. The only missionaries there were all from East Malaysia, as West and Singapore had their own Zone Conferences earlier in the week.
Then came the Testimony meeting for all the departing missionaries in the next two transfers. Sister Anderson is going home next week, it's strange to see our sisters go from our group.

After Dinner and a zone conference picture, we had a real treat. We FINALLY got to watch Meet the Mormons! It was glorious.
Also, the man from the Spiritual Vertigo mormon message gave a fireside for us about future decision making,

Now it's Friday, going back to Kuching soon, love you all!Hello Family!

Here's to finish off the week!

As we were flying out, we were sitting in the terminal when I saw a man working on some power point on his laptop that featured a bible verse. Every time I go to Singapore, I pray for the chance to find one person that needs a B.O.M. more than anyone, and I hadn't been led to anyone yet. His name was Ivan, and he was a Christian Youth leader for a church in Singapore. He was going to Kuching to visit some friends, and very friendly himself. We talked for a while, and I shared him a verse from the Book of Mormon to introduce it to him. He kindly denied then, but I walked past him after he had taken his seat. I leaned over quickly and told him I knew the book was true and I sincerely wanted him to have it. He took it, and after we landed came up to me and thanked me for giving it to him.

We had a lesson Friday night with a less active, Valorie, and her non-baptized husband, when right after the opening prayer a bunch of her in-laws walked in the door. We don't know why they visited, but we were able to start teaching them all. The lesson we had planned had felt a little weird for the original family, but it went perfectly for the people that walked in the door. We gave them some materials, and the dad even looked up 'Alkitab Mormon' on his tablet as we showed them the book. He asked us to help him, and he now has Gospel Library on his Tablet. They didn't live in our area, but they were prepared. We passed them off to the Sentosa Elders.

Saturday the Chinese Elders called and asked us to go on temporary exchanges with them, as Elder Eggertson was sick. They had a lesson and it was their branches turn to clean the chapel, so I went with Elder Durrant to teach and dust the pews for a couple hours, then that night we attended a baptism for the Batu Kawa branch.

Sunday was present, but every thing fell through, so we went to follow up with some potentials for a while before dinner and Reporting for Elder Poppleton.

At midnight last night a random potential investigator named Nor Din called the Sentosa Elders phone, and scared us all to death until we found out he was probably drunk.

Till next week, this is Sister Anderson's last P-day! Love you all!
-Elder Christensen

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