Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Man, it's hard to follow up with much it seems after a wonderful mother's day, but so many things have happened. Here we go!

This next week is our Zone Conference, and we'll be flying to Singapore with everyone in East Malaysia. President Mains asked us to give one of the training's during the break our session about Follow Up and Extending Commitments, which is exactly what has led Elder Lundquist and I to see amazing success in our area, along with opening our mouth at EVERY opportunity and exercising the faith to drop. An Easter egg blessing Monday night was when everything fell through we were able to go home and prepare that training :-)

Tuesday started a new adventure, in the morning we had our K.L.C. (Kuching Leadership Counsel) with the District Leaders and the Sister Training Leaders before District meeting, which included an excellent discussion about the strengths and needs of the Zone. District Meeting itself went very well, Elder McCown had two teams try to draw the Salt Lake Temple on the white board and then compared it to how we all try differently to fulfill the same missionary purpose.
We then had exchanges afterwards, but we were stuck at the church temporarily as Elder Przybyla had taken Elder McCown's bicycle to be repaired. When we had to wait a while, we called to find that he was stuck in the immigration office because he and his wife had traveled to K.L. earlier in the week and had ignorantly disregard a certain gate they were supposed to pass through. We said a prayer then with all the Elders still at the K.D.C. for him, and ten minutes later he was cleared. 

It was good to be back in Stampin with Elder McCown the rest of the day, we had dinner at a delicious pie restaurant and an amazing lesson with a deaf and mute man that they had met earlier that week named Madang. They taught through writing back and forth, and we watched Our Heavenly Father's plan with subtitles, he can read English. After the lesson he had us guide him to the church to show him where it was. He wants to bring his family to the church, but works on Sunday. They're praying to help him ask his boss.

Wednesday and Saturday we met with Bro. Jihap and his family. They are still doing extremely well, on Wednesday Elder and Sister Slider drove us out to help us teach Enduring to the End, and on Saturday Bro. Mike (our Elders Quorum President) took us our there at 9:30 am to teach commandments. On Wednesday Bro. Jihap showed us his pepper farm out back, about 200 stalks, where he sells produce worth 27 ringgit a kilo. He is an amazing and industrious man, and he's been teaching his children the lessons when they can't all attend at once.

Other then that we had a lot of disappointments (but not discouragements) when many people fell through because of Gawai coming up. Jihap's family is the highlight of so many things right now, and they don't practice Gawai which is a miracle in and of itself (he doesn't like drinking). Thank you for your prayers, they are on date for June 5th, the week of transfers.

Love you all!

-Elder Christensen

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