Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Monday, May 4, 2015

He wanted to ask a question before we left....

A lot of good things from this last week! Here we go!

Monday the entire zone played some Futsal for P-Day. Good times, but better was that night when we had a branch family night at the Branch President's house, President Sulai. It was a great testimony meeting, Elder Stowell led many members (including Elder Lundquist) to share their baptismal experiences. One of our investigators, Bro. Bangga, was able to attend with his member wife Sis. Puni. He's been coming around, and that seemed to be a really good experience for him. We have another one happening at his house tonight!

Tuesday was a great day of exchanges with Elder Ee from K.L., west Malaysia. That night we had an awesome miracle. We followed up with a potential investigator Dunston who has been hard to contact. That night he asked to bring his friend, Alfred. We sat down at the local Sugar-Bun and the lesson ran briefly through the restoration in part, mostly focusing on the story of Joseph Smith and the bringing forth and significance of the Book of Mormon. Both of them were very open to the message and wanted to continue meeting, but Alfred wanted to ask a question before we left. He simply said that he 'had a lot of sins'and wanted to ask, 'can God forgive my sins?' We emphatically replied yes, and opened to the story of Enos, showing how God answered his prayers with forgiveness. We showed him how to pray and challenged him to do so, and right there he bowed his head and was silent for a few minutes. When he looked up tears were in his eyes and the Spirit was strong. This area is so easy to work in and so full of potential, that I am blown away every day by the sheer spirit of this work. Finding is very easy and effective when we simply open our mouths everywhere we go. 

We had M.L.C. in Singapore this week as well, and it was amazing. We traveled with Sisters Hales and Dennis, the Sister Training Leaders of East Malaysia, I wrote more about it in my handwritten letter.

Saturday, President Sulai was able to drive us out to meet Bro. Jihap's family. They continue to be amazingly prepared. The lesson only had Bro. Jihap and Sis. Magi, but they still came with their kids to church the next day. We taught the Plan of Salvation that day, and it was awesome. Sister Magi quoted John 3:16 by heart as we talked about Heavenly Father's love for us. As we laid the plan down, Bro. Jihap told us how easy, plain, and simple it was compared with other churches. He said how he used to get always confused when pastors would talk about heaven and hell and such things, but this just made sense. When we tied it into Temples, he simply asked when his family could go. They are amazing, and on date for the end of this month.

This week has been long and tiring, wonderful and trying, but I just want you to know I love you so much. Elder Lundquist is such a real, striving, and diligent missionary, and he helps others be better simply by example. Kuching is doing well, we have been preparing a lot for zone meeting tomorrow. We are going to steal G. Jello's techniques and remind everyone of who they are, their potential, and limitless capacity! Love you all so much!

-Elder Christensen

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