Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello everyone!

I have a stop sign.

I don't know how to get it home.

Anyway, Life is so great isn't it? So strange to see life passing so fast at home without me, but that's no problem at all! Congratulations Nate! You're so awesome McKay! Happy Fathers Day Dad! HAPPY FRIEKIN' BIRTHDAY MOM! THAT IS SO FRIEKIN' AMAZING! DON'T FRIEK-okay I'm done.
I was going to write you all a letter this morning but this next Saturday and Sunday is President Main's last District Conference ever in Kuching and I wrote them a nice thank you letter. I love you all though!

This last week was crazy. Tuesday morning was Zone Meeting, and Elder Lundquist and I worked a ton to get ready. It was very interesting how we were inspired to do it, we wrote out instructions on several pages and then we did not say anything the entire activity. We literally had everyone stay silent and ponder such things as Spiritual Gifts and guidance, and our true purpose as missionaries. It was very interesting to see how much everyone got what they put into it.

That night we met Bro. Bangga, husband to an active member, belum a member himself. He had expressed a desire to be baptized, so all we did was draw a calender to make a plan to help him stop smoking. He counted for a while on how much he was smoking daily, then chose July 7th. We thought that was the day he wanted to be done smoking, but he said "No Elders, this is my baptismal date. I want to be done two weeks earlier." His desire is there, and we followed up with him at church, he's been working on his own plan :-)

We met Jihap's family with Bro Govin and Sis. Helen, we taught him and his sons about the Priesthood. He was so touched by the idea that he could bless his own family that he started crying. His sons, Kevin and Augustine, and both on date for the 27th of this month, and they are on track to stop smoking. That family is vitalizing the branch.

We had an amazing miracle yesterday. A former investigator, Sister Mariana called us and asked if we could come that day, she was suffering a lot. She and her husband had been dropped because the husband Ifan had refused to progress because he couldn't stop smoking. She had a baby this last week that was stillborn and asked us to come and share some comfort.
When we arrived the wife and husband were there, as well as the mother in law whom we had met the week before or so when I was on exchanges with Elder Allen. We prayed and talked together, and shared a message about Temple Marriage and Moroni 8. It was a beautiful lesson, very much guided by the Spirit. We asked if Temple Marriage was one of their goals, and Sister Mariana said it was something she had always wanted. Ifan was half paying attention, but we gripped it back and he said it was still hard for him to stop smoking. I told him that right now we were working with three people all that were stopping smoking, and that God had the power to help him stop. We committed to pray daily until we could come back.

Last night we stopped by Sis. Penuvuri, the Hindu Indian lady. She had struggles communicating, but told us that she desperately wants us to come back when her husband was there so we could teach him. She was confident that we could heal her family members that were sick and bring peace to her home, but she was the only one home at the time.

Other then that, it was a long week of cold rain and lots of people dropping on us, but amazing miracles as well.
I love you all so much! Have a great week!

-Elder Christensen

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