Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Elder Coy at Five Years Old!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hello wonderful family! Wonderful weeks remind me of you! 

Surprisingly, this week was wonderful somehow, because today was the dreaded day of Gawai. Sorry I'm late, the Przybyla's drove us out to kampung this morning and we visited a ton of houses. It was fun, lots of food and driving and rain, but we got to see gawai as it really is without the drinking, which is the american equivalent of Thanksgiving. Cool stuff.

This week was seemingly going to be more empty then most, but still many miracles and things happened. 
We met an Indian Hindu family that invited us back to meet today, which is a miracle because that is literally the only kind of people we could have met or taught this last week. All of our members and investigators were back at kampung except Jihap's family. By the way, they passed their interviews and Jihap, his wife Magi, and their daughters Caroline and Rachel are going to be baptized this Friday. Kevin and Augustine still need to quit smoking, and will be the last week before Elder Lundquist goes home on July 1st (he lives next to the Bountiful Temple and wants to play Munchkin and Revolution and Monopoly). We don't know yet what will happen after that, but we will find out later!

I had great exchanges with the famed Elder Gara (Lawren) of Sibu this last Wednesday. He was amazing, we are so grateful for his confidence and diligence in missionary work. We taught Jihap's family together, then met with President Sulai, our branch and District president. He holds a lot of weight on his shoulders, and needs your prayers, he has asked us to strengthen the less actives and Priesthood so that he can replace himself as Branch President. He had to conduct 2 branches on Sunday because all the Priesthood wasn't there.

Other then that, we contacted a lot of Chinese people. Very prepared, but Chinese. One cool miracle was Sunday morning. It was the loudest and longest storm I've seen in a very long time all night long. All the members were gone. The last week had been hard. We got a text that Elder Perry passed away as we got in a member's car to drive to church. But I realized in that instant that, in this entire week, we have seen many disappointments  but never have we felt discouraged or disheartened. God is good, and that never changes. 
Love you all!
-Elder Christensen

Love you all so much!

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